WSIC Foundation to Film Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Documentary

Titled: Who Says Roseann Can’t Run

The Who Says I Can’t Foundation (WISCF) announced co-producers Jothy Rosenberg and Steve McCarthy will begin production on a year-long documentary following Boston Marathon bombing victim Roseann Sdoia.

The documentary will follow her journey from barely surviving the marathon bombing to thriving bombing survivor. On April 21, 2014, through the help of her bionic prosthetic leg and professional coaching donated by WSICF, Sdoia will not only once again be able to watch the world’s oldest 26.2 mile challenge-the Boston Marathon, she will be able to run part of that distance.

“This documentary fully embodies the mission of the Who Says I Can’t Foundation. Yes, Roseann was indeed knocked flat by that bomb, but she has a strong spirit and a great attitude! She will run again, and watching her go through this will be very inspiring to everyone who watches,” says Emmy-winning producer Steve McCarthy.

As a teenage amputee and an accomplished athlete, but never a runner, Rosenberg just acquired the same leg as Sdoia and will go through the coaching side-by-side with her.

“For a lot of people, the way to get back into life is to get back into sports. That’s why this documentary is so important. Here we have a unique opportunity to watch someone like Roseann, who embodies the spirit of the foundation, to try, try again, and try yet again until she succeeds!” says producer and WSIC founder Jothy Rosenberg.

Filming of the production is set to begin on December 15, 2013 with the 20 week long training journey by Sdoia and Rosenberg, side by side and stumble by stumble.

When Sdoia was questioned why she’s wants to run again and be filmed learning to do so, she replied, “Honestly, with this whole entire experience, I’m just hoping to help others. I’ve met so many people that have helped me already. Through this process of running again, I want to help other amputees and show people who are physically challenged, that we handi-capable people can reach the goals we want to.”

The Who Says I Can’t Foundation is a 501(c)3 charity addressing the psychological and physical impacts of having a disability by focusing on the restoration of self-esteem through success at sports helping everyone say “Who Says I Can’t” thrive.

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