Yoga Americas Secret Weapon in the Fight Against Stress

This summer Yoga Is My Health Insurance (YIMHI) is mounting a USA Tour designed to inspire individuals towards healthy living. On the tour YIMHI is offering workshops that will teach participants the tools to control, manage and recover from stress.

Although you can’t eliminate stress from your life you can control how it affects you with techniques found in yoga. New research from the University of Oslo into Rapid Gene Expression Changes shows that yoga practice has an immediate impact on gene expression, particularly in immune cell. “The data suggest that yoga results in rapid gene expression alterations which may be the basis for their longer term cell biological and higher level health effects.”(1) Directly following a yoga practice the study found 111 differentially expressed genes, whereas only 38 for the control regimen, and 14 genes were commonly affected by both yoga and control. This study points to how yoga can offset the effects of stress by working on the molecular level to boost immune function.

Perception is King. What causes stress, in part, depends on your perception of it. What rolls off the backs of some, causes others to fall to pieces. Studies have shown that having “access to an effective method for stress reduction can lead to better health and a more effective daily life.” (2) Yoga can help you learn how to manage and recover from stress by taking charge of your thoughts, your emotions, and the way you perceive problems. So how much stress is too much? Well that all depends on your response to it, but a Yoga Is My Health Insurance workshop is the best secret weapon you have to control, manage and recover from stress.

You can read more about Yoga and the fight against stress on their website.

About Lilith Bailey-Kroll, Founder

Lilith began teaching yoga in 1999 after completing a teacher-training program at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco. And, in 2006 opened her first clinic as a Yoga Therapist. She blends her years of experience and wealth of knowledge in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics with the physical practice of yoga and breathing techniques in teaching for YIMHI.

About Yoga Is My Health Insurance
Yoga Is My Health Insurance is a holistic approach to living built upon the core principles of yoga with the goal of supporting individuals to improve health and wellness. Students of YIMHI incorporate the insight from classes, workshops and online education into their daily routines, improving their overall fitness and quality of life.




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