A New Children’s Book Dealing with the Million Dollars Question: “Mommy, Do You Really Love Me?”

Free on Amazon August 28-29-30 2013

“Mommy, do you really love me?” that’s one of the most important questions, asked by children of all ages, whether they are three, five or 95. A new book that deals with this important question is free on Amazon August 28-29-30 In this story we meet four little girls who go through a series of incidents in which their mothers have different responses.

“When Jessica’s mom didn’t dote all over her when she bumped her head, or fight for her in an argument with another kid, Jessica misinterpreted her mom’s quiet reserve, thinking that she didn’t love her as much as other moms loved their kids. It took a minor emergency in Jessica’s kindergarten class one day, when Jessica remained calm and found a solution that she realized she was responding the same way as her mom. And that’s when she realized that every mother has her own way of showing her love for her children.” Wrote J. Chambers TOP 50 REVIEWER “Mommy, do you really love me?” has a nice lesson for youngsters: parenting styles may vary, but each parent loves their children in their own way”

Robin Lee TOP 500 REVIEWER wrote: “ How many times have parents heard the statement ”Mommy, Do You Really Love Me“, especially if they don’t get their way…This story shows different positives ways to express your love for your child when they are at this ”sensitive and quite aware stage“ of everything around them…This is a very cute, funny story that shows with enough positive reinforcement children can be lead by given good examples…”

Grady Harp HALL OF FAME TOP 50 REVIEWER VINE VOICE wrote: “The story may appear simple, but it is realistic and entertaining and certainly addresses some issues all children have. Very well done!.

Sari Barel, the author, an educator, life coach and international expert on creative thinking development says: “I wanted to create an opportunity for parents to allow their children to differentiate between ‘reality’ and ‘interpretation’. The inspiration came from observing my own son wrongly interpret the over-emotional response of his friend’s mother, when she found him (the friend) with a ‘black eye’. He somehow got the impression that her behavior was the only way a ‘loving mother’ could act. Luckily, he did share his feelings with me some time later, and told me that ‘I thought you didn’t love me enough, Mommy. But I was wrong. Now I understand that you just trust me more!’”

“Since mistaken interpretations of events can, with surprising ease, intensify and turn into negative emotions, I think this book is a must for all families, teachers and coaches. I would like to suggest that it be used to facilitate open conversations within the family about ‘How we express our love for each other. Nothing is more important than creating loving communication within the family.”

“I’ve developed a unique set of cards for that purpose.” Says Barel “Everybody can download these cards free. The idea is for the children to print the cards as a gift for Mommy, and cut them out. The children then either approach their mother, asking her to choose a particular or random card, or, alternatively, select the card for her. The gift can be a big hug, a kiss, an apple, a poem or ten different ways to say how much I love you… The cards include many other sweet, endearing surprises! The complete set of cards is now available free for a limited time only.

Free on Amazon August 28-29-30 2013

About Sari Barel

Sari Barel is a graduate from the ISEME, University of Swinburne, Australia with a Master’s Degree in MEI or Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Sari is a copywriter, scriptwriter, and actor also specializes in education, coaching, meditation and marketing communication. Sari has written many books to inspire adults and children to let go of restrictive thinking and expand their horizons to realize full potential in their respective lives. The book “Mommy do you really love me” is yet another attempt to help parents and children.

Grady Harp HALL OF FAME TOP 50 REVIEWER VINE VOICE wrote: “Sari Barel stated goal is to help as many people as possible -adults and children – to escape restrictive thinking patterns and realize their full potential, not only in their life’s work, but in their entire life experience. That goal has inspired her recent writing, a series of books for parents, to help them help their children think outside the box.”








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