A Rock N’ Roll Jailbreak

By Jenna Croyle

Though many Rock and Rollers have spent a night or two in jail, they don’t seem to stay there very long. Among the several Rock and Rollers who have hummed a few bars of the “Jailhouse Rock” are James Brown, David Crosby, Ronald Isley, and Paul McCartney who in 1980 spent Ten days in a Tokyo, Japan cell.

Artists like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash have taken the musical expression of prison life with songs like “Folsom Prison Blues” to national appeal, while this week’s featured band, Death Row Rock N’ Roll Show has brought new style, life and energy to the old concept of the jailhouse blues.

Formed in early 2012, Death Row Rock N’ Roll Show has taken their hard rocking attitude, hard playing style, and bright orange jump suits into the “big yard”, and turned their Bit tour of the Erie Rock scene into a life jolt of high throttle shows making people drink, dance, and party like its their last night of freedom.

Death Row Rock N’ Roll Show is a super talented group of five musicians that are, Steve “Sticky Fingers” Wattle on Vocals and Guitar, Dan “Dirty MuggShot” Alexander on Lead Vocals, DJ “Dr. D” Galiffa on Drums, Bud “Low-Down Dubb”  Tarkowski on Bass Guitar, and Todd “Ice Pick” Zeitler on Lead Guitar.

Pumping out pure Rock N’ Roll magic with every song, Death Row Rock N’ Roll Show covers the music of the great ones like “Dirty Deeds” By AC/DC, “Too Drunk” By Buck Cherry, “Cat Scratch Fever” By Ted Nuggent, “Enter Sandman”  By Metallica, “Mony Mony” By Billy Idol, “Walk This Way” By Aerosmith, ” Rock & Roll All Night” By Kiss,  “Sweet Child Of Mine” By Guns N’ Roses, “Crazy Train” By Ozzy, And Of Course “Jail House Rock” By Elvis Presley, along with so many more.

The power and instrumental harmony of both Steve Wattle and Todd Zeitler is nothing short of phenomenal, as they deliver brilliant fingerpicking work time after time.

Bud Tarkowski consistently offers some of the most amazingly strong and rhythmic Bass beats of any Bassists in town, pouring pure talent from his fingers with each note he plays.

The stick work of DJ Galiffa is talent rich and beat for beat wonderful and spot on, while his delivery and stage presence is captivating and absolutely superb.

Dan Alexander serves up massive stage presence with a versatile and strong Rock N’ Roll voice that is presented with exhilarating energy and charisma, grabbing your attention and keeping it all night.

With powerful vocals and an incredible collection of talent, along with raging rhythms and riffs, and a rock your world energy blended with Rock’n’ Roll madness, Death Row Rock N’ Roll Show has already earned their place as legends in the Erie scene.

For more information on Death Row Rock N’ Roll Show, their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook page.



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