Sketch Comedy Live

By Dan and Alison Tingley

Written by Rob Kocur and directed by Jeff Schroeder, A Street Gang Named Desire is now playing at PACA (1505 State Street, Erie, PA). This is Jeff Schroeder’s first community directing gig. The show is comprised of nine sketches, which can make directing a daunting task. The skits include parodies of The People’s Court, $50,000 Pyramid, Fox and Friends, commercials, and a pyramid scheme presentation to name a few.

The cast includes Amber Alley, Albert Boorady, Ali Ford, Autumn Csombok, Heaven Leigh Hannold, Tom Hinman, Rob Kocur, Candy Miller, Curly Miller, Dave Schroeder, Jeff Schroeder, and Nancy Scott. They each play various roles in the sketches.

Now, when we think of sketch comedy, we think of a guy with an Etch-A-Sketch giggling while making lewd drawings. Apparently, this is not at all how it works. Instead, people come out and perform a short skit, then go backstage, change clothes, move props, and come out again as completely different characters. Go figure. And that’s what’s happening at PACA right now.

Some of the sketches are cute, and even made us laugh out loud. However, for the most part, the show falls flat. We would like to say that some of the acting in this show is quite good. Boorady is a lot of fun to watch. He has high energy and puts his all into each character. Jeff Schroeder also shows a lot of talent on the stage. Amber Alley is a promising newcomer to the stage. Dave Schroeder is another performer showing a lot of promise. These actors all got into their characters and were able to transform themselves for each skit.

A Street Gang Named Desire runs on weekends at PACA through May 25. The add on Facebook says B.Y.O.B., so feel free to paca cooler. Note to editor:  no, we did not spell pack wrong; it’s a pun, and it’s damn funny. Warning:  the show contains adult situations and language. For reservations or more information, go to the website at, contact Mark Tanenbaum at 814-434-0687 or, or just show up.