Alternative Rocks

By Jenna Croyle

Over the decades, the local Underground and Alternative music scene has taken many turns and has had countless bands that have added unique twists to the sounds that made the music.

From the mid to late 90’s to the early 2000’s, one of the most powerful forces in the Underground scene was a group of professional musicians lead by John Johnston call Basement Transmissions Records.

Throughout the original BTR’s run, bands like Black Rose Diary, Pegasus Unicorn, Hello Kitty Death Squad, The Telefonics, The Killerinas, and Canadian Friday dominated the Alternative scene and brought the Underground sound to the mainstream Mic and change how we listened to music.

Now with the torch passed, Bob Jenson has taken Basement Transmissions to new levels, offering our Community not only innovative music from tremendous bands like Chasing Moira, Bail Easy, Envy The Forgotten, The Drake Equation, Red Light Departure, 17 Occasions, and The Masquerade, but has also established a venue on State Street that gives the Underground a mainstream foothold.

As one of the cutting edge Alternative music makers that has been featured at Basement Transmissions Records, this week’s featured band, Arlandria delivers a fresh, clean sound that is of radio ready hit quality.

Though comprised of young musicians, Arlandria screams talent and always maintains a very polished sound that captivates the ear, and a high-energy edge that commands you to get your groove on.

Lead by front man Jake Baker, Arlandria additionally consists of Ben Oskowski on Bass, Jon Getson on Drums, and Jon Strzalka on Guitar.

Pumping out creative and charming original songs such as New Hope, We Won’t Make It, Scars, Gone Fishing, and No, Arlandria never fails to present the highest caliber of songs with the most passionate and intense lyrics, along with devastating instrumental work.

With a smooth and luminous voice, Jake Baker delivers each song with a strong sense of showmanship and charisma, while his finger picking style and precision drives the band’s music.

The Base beats of Ben Oskowski are pounding and powerful, yet never overwhelming to the music, blending perfectly every song. Jon Getson’s Drum chops are always in time and spitfire when needed, while maintaining constantly melodic rhythms with a style that is top shelf.

Jon Strzalka’s wicked Guitar work is simply stellar, showing traits of talent and know-how far exceeding his years and experience.

If you are looking for a new and diverse sound in music that serves up that “A” list band feel, with a stage show that is infused with energy and intensity, Arlandria is without any doubt the band to check out.

For more information on Arlandria, their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook Page.




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