Rhythm’s Rebirth

By Jenna Croyle

Most cover bands that you have heard all have the same basic thing in common, regardless of how talented they may be, they are still a cover band.

Occasionally, a cover band comes along that produces something so amazing and are so unique that the music of others that have come before them no longer can contain their collective talents.

This week’s featured band, Chasing Moira is not only brimming with talent, but also electrified with the passion that has transformed them into one of the most popular and sought after original bands in Erie today.

Started in 2010 as a Dave Matthews cover band, Chasing Moira soon took their music to new heights, writing an extensive repertoire of original music that is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

This six piece collection of musical masters include Mike Wolfe on Drums, Chris Moore on Guitar and Vocals, Brendan Beall on Saxophone, Adam Brown on Guitar and Vocals along with Ben Henry on Bass and Rob Morrison as the groups Violinist.

It is not unusual for most bands to come with keyboard, percussion and rhythm sections, though Chasing Moira has added the flavor of a Violin, lending an extraordinary texture and pulse to the overall sound of the music.

Rob Morrison is an outstanding treasure trove of rich sounding bow action that perfectly complements in every way, the melody and the band as a whole.

Both the vocal and instrumental harmonies of Chris Moore and Adam Brown are simply stellar in both delivery and excitement, each contributing their own special flair and twists for an intertwining blend of both vocal and rhythmic rapture.

The truth is, the saxophone is anything but a perfectly tuned instrument, simply pressing down the keys and blowing will not cut it. Let’s face it, saxophonists are notoriously known for playing out of tune.

The Band’s Saxophonist, Brendan Beall is without question, the exception to the rule. Beall seems to have developed an excellent relationship between his ears and his inner mouth, throat, and tongue for purely exceptional intonation.

Trap set legends such as Kenny Clarke, Jeff Porcaro, Art Blakey, Louie Bellson and of course, the incomparable Buddy Rich made drumming look so easy and effortless.

With his precision beats, a tremendous sense of timing and powerful drum fills, Mike Wolfe provides the framework and sets the feel of every song with the ease and texture, reminiscent of the greats.

The commanding base lines and riffs of Ben Henry creates a rhythmic pulse that demands your interest, capturing your attention from the first beat. Henry’s astute awareness of groove and technique with his own extraordinarily expressive style that infuses every song is the perfect complement to balance the already overwhelming magnitude of this band.

As 2011 RockErie Award Nominees for Song of the Year and Album of the Year, Chasing Moira has not only reinvented themselves, but also the standard for the original music scene in Erie.

For show dates and more information on Chasing Moira, Please visit their Facebook page.