Arts Are Alive in Edinboro

By Lucas Scotts

Last night Edinboro University opened the 2013 edition of the annual Student Art Exhibition at the Bruce Gallery located in Doucette Hall, 215 Meadville Street, Edinboro, Pa.

As a well established staple event for decades, and displaying the best that the University has to offer, each year the Edinboro Student Exhibit features dozens of works of an extensive variety of media from the Edinboro University Student Body.

As a non-profit Art Gallery, the Bruce Gallery hosts monthly showings by both up-and-coming and established artists, bringing the best and the brightest to the attention of the Community.

While only 46 students were selected to show 64 pieces, more than 115 students sought the opportunity to present their creative works at this year’s well-known and prestigious event, submitting more than 350 works of art.

Judging this year’s exhibition is a legend of the local Art community and the President of the Northwest Pennsylvania Artists Association, Fran Schanz.

As a leading artistic figure of our area, Schanz is not only an accomplished Artist, but also an instructor of Art, mentoring countless youths over the years.

In addition to the extensive and continuing laundry list of Schanz’s accomplishments throughout a lifetime of dedication to the true spirit of “Art,” Schanz has won numerous awards in regional exhibitions.

So far, this event has branded four very talented students as those among the best of the best, including 1st year Ceramics Graduate Student, Benjamin Lambert who walked away with “Best in Show”, “1st Prize winner” Gratia Brown who is a 3rd year Ceramics Graduate Student, and Nash Quinn, a 1st year Metals Graduate Student who took home the “2nd Prize”, along with “3rd Prize winner” Austin Wieland who is a 1st year Ceramics Graduate Student.

In addition to the awards already mentioned, several other students had their art honored with awards at last night’s show opening. The award-winning artists include:

Best Metal Smith Alexis Spina
Print Making Alssa Debonis
Best Painting Michelle L. Ghisson Rachael  Burke Award
Best Drawing Michael Banas Rachael  Burke Award
Best Wood Karen Ernst & Brad Shuffstall
Best Graphic Design Kelsey Meehan
Best Sculpture Jeremy Tarr
Best Ceramic Katelyn Swidal

The event will run Mondays through Fridays from the hours of Noon until 7pm, and Saturdays, from 12pm through 5pm.

For a fresh and eye opening look at the intransient artistic talent that Edinboro’s Art Programs have to offer the Erie community, and catch a glimpse of tomorrow’s phenomenal artist today, stop by the Bruce Gallery for an experience of the most limitless kind.

For more information about the Edinboro University Student Art Exhibition, or Doucette Hall, please visit




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