Real Music With A Fresh Sound

By Jenna Croyle

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, Progressive Bluegrass, or Newgrass became a very popular style of music and bands like “John Hartford and the New Grass Revival,” along with “J.D. Crowe and the New South” took the new sound to new heights.

More recently, groups like “Béla Fleck and the Flecktones,” “Nickel Creek,” and “Yonder Mountain String Band” keep the Newgrass sound alive, ever evolving, and creating new and innovative styles.

Much like those Artists who came before them, this week’s featured band, Sean Patrick and the Newgrass Revolution has taken the music of yesteryear and given it a new exciting sound with a very creative edge.

Sean Patrick and the Newgrass Revolution is a mash-up of Rock structure, Alternative lyrical concepts, and bluegrass instrumental wonders that when blended with the remarkable cumulative talent of the band’s members, delivers a final product that is devastatingly superb.

Fronted by local musical icon Sean-Patrick, the Newgrass Revolution is made up of Michael Spagnolo on Guitar and Backup Vocals, Paul Dolak on Bass, and Ryan McCall on Drums.

Using the creativity of countless musical influences, Sean Patrick and the Newgrass Revolution has given birth to not only a revival of the Newgrass sound in our area, but what could be described as an intense and very edgy subgenre of Newgrass music itself.

With energy on overdrive, Sean Patrick and the Newgrass Revolution offers their audiences strong and powerful music with passionate and well-crafted lyrics along with incredible melodies that are every bit as timeless as they are modern.

Sean Patrick and the Newgrass Revolution pumps out pure Newgrass gold with original hit quality tunes like Surrounded by Pines, Sean Time, Psychotic Whispers, Top of My Lungs, Walking, Perfect, and Basement Song, along with many others.

Having only been formed less than five months ago, Sean Patrick and the Newgrass Revolution has already made a distinctive impression on our local scene that has certainly inspired the genre and infused the music with originality and imagination.

Michael Spagnolo’s fingerpicking work is simply wonderful, constantly rhythmic and rich with divergent talent and enthusiasm for not only the music, but clearly for performing as well.

Paul Dolak delivers fantastic Bass Guitar playing, combining the energy and attitude of the Metal Bassist with the entrancing and melodic beats that the Grass genre demands. Dolak’s Bass is a vital component to this band’s exceptional sound, and definitely adds something special to their music.

The chops of Ryan McCall are positively perfect, serving up smart beats that are creative, yet simple, while his performances are always confident and serve as just the right backbone of the music.

The very versatile and talented Sean-Patrick leads the Newgrass Revolution with commanding and smooth vocals that offer a bit of a growl when needed. Sean-Patrick brings not only an electrifying stage performance to each show, but also a varied and talented sound to the band, able to transition flawlessly between Banjo, Guitar, Harmonica, Ukulele, and the Mandolin without missing a beat.

Redefining Bluegrass, Newgrass, and music of the genres, Sean Patrick and the Newgrass Revolution grabs your attention and without doubt inspires the scene along with other musicians in the area to carry on, and even expand the sounds and sensations that these four musical masters have created.

Though Sean Patrick and the Newgrass Revolution have only been together since last December, they are among the tightest and most talented and captivating bands playing out in our area today.

For more information on Sean Patrick and the Newgrass Revolution, their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook page.




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