Author Jacob Singer Chosen As Finalist In ’50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading’

Singer was chosen as the result of a public voting process. His work, entitled ‘The Vase With The Many Coloured Marbles’ is a book about racial discrimination and apartheid in South Africa

Jacob Singer, author of ‘The Vase With The Many Coloured Marbles’ has been chosen as a finalist in the ’50 Jacob_Singer_CoverGreat Writers You Should Be Reading’ Awards contest. The contest is sponsored by The Authors Show.

‘The Vase With The Many Coloured Marbles’ is a story about the racial discrimination based on the color of one’s skin in apartheid South Africa and how many within the country secretly fought against the system that was eventually abolished when Nelson Mandela became President. The story is about people the author knew who fought the system and how one young girl, Emily Kleintjies, born into the Coloured community in District Six of Cape Town, managed to cross the racial barrier and become a White Emma Kline, in Johannesburg. Some have called the book a Cinderella love story with a surprising and happy ending.

“Entering a contest,” Singer stated, “is always a hopeful wish…a wish that the book one has taken years to write is a winner and that sales exceed expectations. When the news that the book has been chosen to be in the final 50 of a competition is announced, one feels that the hard work writing the book was worth it. You know the story is a good one that had to be told. Getting the public to know that is not an easy task, but achieving the entrance to a contest that will lead to readers appreciating what one has written is a great win.”

Readers of ‘The Vase With The Many Coloured Marbles’ will learn about life in South Africa under the apartheid system, a system based on National Socialism of Germany in the 1930’s. They will learn how everyone of Colour was discriminated against by the White Government and forced into a form of slavery.

In the storyline, Emma (Emily,) born into a “coloured” family, feels the injustice of the segregationist society; however because she is able to “pass” as a “white,” she crosses barriers that the rest of her family cannot. Emma strongly believes in the power of education. After completing high school, she is determined to attend the university, but her family is large and needs the income she could provide. Rather than work at a low-paying job in Cape Town, Emma decides to use her lighter skin and the English language she perfected to travel to Johannesburg to live and work as a “white.”

Emma keeps learning, working hard, and making friends, some of whom know her secret. (Some of her friends fled Nazi Germany only to find a similar prejudice infesting the country to which they had escaped.) She sends her family money that they use to improve their house, when permitted, and educate her sisters and brothers. Behind the scenes, she works with and donates money to groups that are attempting to reverse apartheid laws, while also trying to stop the imposition of harsher new laws after the 1960’s. Her daughter Marla is raised as a white, but she and many of her college friends protest the government’s policies although this always causes Emma to worry that Marla’s heritage will be discovered.

Jacob Singer is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below, or by email at The book is available at Amazon in Kindle format, iTunes and is available as an epub for all forms of e-readers. The public is encouraged to vote at The Authors Show site at More information is available at Singer’s website.

Jack Singer practiced as a pharmacist in South Africa from 1958 to 1985. He retired in 1985. In 1996 he started writing a book of short stories about people he knew in South Africa called ‘Brakenstroom’. In 2006 he started working on the book ‘The Vase With The Many Coloured Marbles’.

Jack’s philosophy is not only to work hard but to work smart. When not at his desk providing assistance and advice to his former clients and associates, Jack can be found at home, either writing his new book on Day Trading Strategies under present market conditions; on stories of his life in South Africa, or on the golf course.








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