Black Metal Mania

By Jenna Croyle

As an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music, Black Metal’s first wave came about in the 1980’s with bands such as Venom, Bathory, Hellhammer and Celtic Frost. Following these bands came groups like Mayhem, Burzum, and Darkthrone along with others, all adding their own style into a distinct genre.

With raw and shrieking Vocals, tremolo picking, blast beat Drumming, and most importantly a fresh style and attitude all their own, this week’s featured band, Ashen Frost brings a fiery rain of Black Metal to the Erie scene that has taken their audiences hostage.

Much like their forebears of the 1980’s, with unconventional song structures, extreme musical compositions, intense attitude and stage presence, along with the highest energy shows around, Ashen Frost has fostered a new, in your face, avant-garde and addictive subgenre of Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal music.

Formed nearly one year ago, Ashen Frost is made up of TJ “Blizzardwraith” Hinman on Lead Guitar, Bochi Bocianowski on Rhythm Guitar and vocals, Brian James DeSanto on Bass and Keyboard, along with Nik Daemonos on Drums and Bryan Craven on Lead Vocals.

Leaving a blazing trail of the most hard-core, yet melodic originals, Ashen Frost cranks out extremely creative and well-crafted songs like “Into the Valley of Death”, “Frozen Diamond”, “Lair of Leviathan”, “Infernal Decay”, and “Storms of the Occult” to name only a few.

Bringing a very new Metal experience to the stage every show, Ashen Frost fuses many musical genres and influences for a sound that grabs you like nothing else and offers their audiences an unforgettable show extravaganza.

With a tone and sound that is talent packed and blares off the stage with a thick and gritty feel, TJ “Blizzardwraith” Hinman’s Lead Guitar simply roars as he offers smashing riffs and licks that are inspired to say the least.

Bochi Bocianowski offers killer Rhythm Guitar work with flawless playing and supercharged showmanship that rocks the house and steals the show.

Brian James DeSanto on Bass and Keyboard is nothing short of brilliant, delivering strong and relentless beats and raging rhythms that drive the music and captivate the audiences.

The Stick work of Nik Daemonos is clean, tight and always in time, pounding out rapid-fire patterns and continuously doing it flawlessly with great talent and rhythmic perfection.

Bryan Craven serves up devastating Lead Vocals with classic Metal shrieking blended with melodic undertones that are delivered with a high throttle presentation, supercharging the audience and captivating his fans.

Earning the reputation for not only being the Kings of cold Black Metal, but being among the most innovative and talented group of musicians in town, Ashen Frost screams intense doom metal, and are leaders of today’s Hardcore scene.

For more information on Ashen Frost, their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook page.







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