Erie’s Place for Contemporary Cuisine

By Cindy Hemper

As the leaves begin to change, the days get shorter and the temperatures get cooler, summer begins to fade Matthew's Trattoria & Martini Loungetaking with it those lazy fun filled days on the beach, in the park or just enjoying a relaxing cook-out in our backyards.

Much like summer, the Sidewalk Series too, shall come to an end for this season. As the last feature in this series we hop around the corner to what may be Erie’s finest dining establishment, Matthew’s Trattoria & Martini Lounge located in Lovell Place, at 153 East 13th Street, Erie PA.

In business for more than 15 years, Matthew’s Trattoria & Martini Lounge has created its own unique taste and presentation through the culinary vision of its owner and chef, Matthew Sarbak.

Matthew’s offers a relaxed, yet elegant atmosphere with an innovative and uniquely creative menu of upscale contemporary gastronomy at very reasonable prices. The menu offers an extremely nice selection of appetizers, entrees and for those of you who have a sweet tooth, an amazing selection of tasty pastries.

As you walk into Matthew’s for the first time, you notice a wonderful complement of brick and wood along with an almost New York feel with the open kitchen area and the magnificent use of curves and linear designs.

The interior of the dining room is spacious, polished and attractive, being designed tastefully, utilizing a combination of lovely colors and just the right mood lighting for both an intimate dinner for two or a meal for the entire family.

The staff of Matthew’s Trattoria is personable, prompt, and helpful with all of your needs, giving you the impression that the customer really does come first.

If you are a person who is really into food, one of the most exciting things about the menu at Matthew’s is the phenomenal selection of tapas. Tapas are Spanish appetizers that depending on the particular item may be served either hot or cold. Tapas such as chopitos, which are battered, fried baby squid, which would be served warm, or selections of mixed olives and cheese that, would be served cold.

Voted Erie’s Choice for Best Food and Best of Erie, Matthew’s Trattoria & Martini Lounge epitomizes the true meaning of culinary artistry in every creation that Chef Matthew prepares.

Quickly having become one of my favorite eateries, I have visited Matthew’s on several occasions over this past summer and found that everything on the menu is simply, perfectly amazing. From the Mexican missiles, which are large pieces of lightly breaded escolar, South African catfish and Chilean sea bass served hot, hot, hot with a remoulade sauce that perfectly complemented them, to the pepper sirloin with brandy mushroom cream sauce and the chuck’s filet along with the stuffed peppers, you just cannot go wrong.

When considering service, atmosphere, style, price and most importantly, quality and preparation of food, in Erie, it does not get any better than Matthew’s Trattoria & Martini Lounge. If you try it once, you will never stop coming back.

For more information on Matthew’s Trattoria & Martini Lounge, please visit their Facebook Page.









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