Happy Holidays

By Cindy Hemper

As Holidays are just around the corner, and we prepare for a joyous season when the love of our Family and closest friends engulf us much like our warmest fleece comforter, it is a time for peace, faith, and capturing the emotions, feelings, and sensations of this magical time of year.

Though as in the seasons past, our Magazine will be closed for the Holidays, still we’re thinking of you this time of year, wishing you joy, bliss, and good cheer, and the hope that all your days be warm and bright, and your nights enhanced by the holiday light.

Much like the fresh and unlimited possibilities that the New Year snow bring to our lives each year, our Magazine will reopen in the New Year with that same bright and invigorated spirit, prepared for all that 2018 shall bestow upon us.

From all of us at E R I Jams Arts & Entertainment Magazine, please enjoy a cheerful, meaningful, and safe Holiday season.

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