Hardcore Talent and Extreme Sounds

By Jenna Croyle

Throughout our City many veteran and especially up-and-coming bands are taking yesterday’s sounds and evolving them into the next generation of music, with unbridled energy, dedicated passion, and brilliant musicianship.

This week’s featured band, “Of Shadows” takes the constant energy that comes from the power of their convictions and the intense music that they create, that delivers much of the most creative and astounding music of tomorrow to the Erie scene.

Since 2010, Of Shadows has been performing dazzling shows, offering their audiences supercharged energy and cleverly crafted originals.

Since the band went through a member overhaul in 2012, the music has become much more innovative and imaginative, while the passion and power of their music has seem to have gotten better with each show.

Comprised of members DJ Raffensberger and Bruce Knouse on Guitar, Kristen Bujalski on Bass Guitar, Jake Mingoy on Drums, and Mike Hammar on Lead Vocals, Of Shadows is truly a band that has talent overflowing.

Of Shadows’ straight forward, in your face, just music approach to their craft is a revitalizing force in our local scene, and should be a shining example to other new groups just starting out on their musical journey.

With devastating lyrics, tremendous compositions, and spectacular musicianship Of Shadows blares phenomenal originals such as “Loose As a Noose”

“This Bearded Monster Will Make You Scream”, “Davy Jones”, “Broken and Battered”, and “Rise” to mention only a few.

The Guitar licks of DJ Raffensberger and Bruce Knouse have a tone, and sound that is talent rich and blares off the stage with a thick and gritty feel always in perfect harmony, blasting out the rhythm and riffs like an EMP bomb.

Kristen Bujalski’s Bass beats are deep and devastating as she gives flight to the beats, sending them soaring with the energy flowing as though they were a raging river.

The stick work of Jake Mingoy is clean, tight and always in time, pounding out rapid-fire patterns, continuously flawless with great talent and rhythmic perfection.

The unbelievable energy and constant incredible showmanship of Lead Vocalist Mike Hammar is nothing short of amazing. Hammar’s vocals are disturbingly captivating with a complete in your face presentation, blended with the most talented delivery you could hope for.

Being among the most innovative and talented group of musicians in town, and the hardest hitting Metalcore band around, Of Shadows is the next generation of Metal, and today’s inspiration for entertainment.

For more information on Of Shadows, their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook Page.










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