Lean Mean Punk Machine

By Jenna Croyle

Since the mid 70’s, bands like Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Damned, along with the Ramones have been considered to be the vanguards of what was then, a new musical movement.

Since that time, groups like Green Day, The Offspring and Blink-182 have fueled countless, faster, and more aggressive styles of music and have inspired innumerable musicians to create their own styles and shape the new sounds of the Punk genre.

With a fast and edgy style this week’s featured band, Local 80 takes Punk music to new highs, and has offered our local scene a blending of Pop-Punk and Street-Punk, along with a talent and creativity that is bars above the rest.

Serving up much of the best the Erie Punk scene has to offer, Local 80 pounds out supercharged high-energy shows with a sound filled with excitement and heart that captivates their audiences show after and show and shines a spotlight on the amazing talent our local scene has to offer.

Made up of Matt Munro on Bass and Vocals, Doug Erickson on Guitar and Vocals, Dan Erickson on Drums and Vocals, along with Dave Nicewonger on Guitar and Lead Vocals, Local 80 presents a diverse and intense collection of musical talents and influences that makes this band truly something unique.

Cranking out passion packed and well crafted originals like “Women Gin Beer & Television”, “F-Bombs Away”, “Sad Sad Story”, “No New Beginnings For Unhappy End”, “Trials of My Life”, “Vegan No More”, and “Blood Money”, Local 80 excites and enthralls their audiences show after show.

Doug Erickson rocks his Guitar like no other, with slamming riffs and innovative melodies that rock the house, while his Brother Dan Erickson’s Drumming is hard and crushing, but always blended with rhythm and are continuously groove driven.

Dave Nicewonger’s Guitar playing is constantly talent rich and devastatingly energized, never missing a note and always outstanding. As a Lead Vocalist and Front Man for this band, Nicewonger is the perfect choice, with amazing stage presence, high throttle energy, and a voice that delivers each lyric with melodic perfection. Nicewonger is a true performer and a relentless showman.

With talent dripping from all members, brilliantly crafted original music, high energy on overdrive shows, and with a style, that like those great musicians who came before them, Local 80 is changing the face of our local Punk scene and inspiring the sound of tomorrows Punk.

For more information on Local 80, their show dates and booking information, please visit www.facebook.com/local80.









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