Marriage is Scary

70 Scenes of Halloween, by Jeffry Jones, will be playing at PACA (1505 State St.) on Fridays and Saturdays from 10/18 through 11/2. The show is an examination of a marriage in need of help. Jeff and Joan have been married for 9 years. Their relationship clearly needs some kind of intervention if it is to survive. Though, the intervention the playwright offers them this Halloween is a bit unorthodox, to say the least.

The show is broken into scenes so that the audience can get a glimpse of the rollercoaster of emotion on which Jeff and Joan are riding. Some scenes are mundane, some are humorous, and some are dramatic. The couple discusses everything from appropriate Halloween costumes to sex to marital affairs to candy corn. Weird things start to happen around the house, and the couple is visited and tormented by ghosts, a beast, and a witch.

Will this struggling couple triumph over the dark forces that are threatening to destroy their marriage?

The cast includes Dan Tingley, Alison Tingley, Bradley Ford, Teni Hodge-Siano, Ali Ford, Nancy Scott, Sean Morgan, and Craig Schneider. Schneider also directs the show. While not necessarily scary, the content and language is of an adult nature.

Doors and Box Office for 70 Scenes of Halloween open at 7:30 PM with the show starting at 8 PM. Admission will be $10 or $7 for those wearing a costume. Reservations can be made online at <>, or by calling Craig at 814 397-4742. Those with costumes can Trick or Treat by ringing the doorbell Stage Left.