Meet Carla Fleming

By Melanie Augenstein of Starlite Events by Design

When regional performer, Carla Fleming, graces the stage, her fluid dance moves are accentuated by a radiant smile that reflects her inner beauty . . . a gentle soul with a message for her audience. That message varies for each performance, but is consistently aimed at lighting up the faces of those watching through her own creativity, as well as the connection to her fellow performers. While performing the ancient movements of belly dancing, Carla strives to portray that as women (and men), we can own and enjoy our sassiness and sensual side. When singing, her message is embedded into the lyrics and the music, evoking emotions of love and happiness that the audience can take away into their daily lives. It is her adoration for reaching out to others that fulfills Carla as a performing artist.

Growing up with musicians as parents absolutely played a role in fueling Carla’s obsession with music from a very young age. An excitement for learning about other cultures and music eventually led Carla to the discovery of belly dance. Over 8 years ago, while attending class with a very dear friend, she was moved by the positive energy of the dancers and became instantly hooked! Since that moment, Carla has pursued belly dance as both a performer and a teacher, with many of her most memorable moments happening in her classes and workshops, while sharing her art form with students of all ages. As a passionate singer and musician, she is especially fulfilled artistically by creating her own music and incorporating it into her events.

Though often regarded as a “sexy” art form, belly dance is essentially no more so than a hip hop or pop dance. “One of the unique elements of belly dance is being able to dance and move our bodies in anyway we like,” states Carla. Everyone, regardless of weight or height, can be sassy … belly dance is not defined by body type. Carla believes that belly dance actually shows us that we’re all human, and therefore, should be appreciative of our bodies rather than critical.

In line with her passion of raising belly dance awareness in the community, Carla is especially excited to serve as the host for this year’s International Shimmy Mob event to be held in Erie on Saturday, May 11th. Funds raised from this event will benefit SafeNet-Erie. Carla emphasizes that this event is for EVERYONE . . . and cordially invites all to take part in this FUN & EXCITING flashmob-style event.

To learn more, contact Carla 814.774.3558 OR visit website.



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