One-Man-Band, Ray Lanich Live

By Jenna Croyle

Just like as in most cities, Erie has a never-ending talent pool of musicians who on a weekly basis entertain the masses through the creativity and love of music. Though there are many excellent unaccompanied acts throughout our area, it is very unusual to find a solo act that can give that full band feel while using only a guitar, one voice, and a power packed treasure chest of both popular covers and originals.

This week’s featured musician, Ray Lanich does all that and more, proving that you don’t need anything more than talent and a drive to share your music with the world.

Having received his first guitar as a young boy, Lanich quickly learned of his passion for music and entertaining. Being a graduate of Edinboro University where he studied classical guitar and music, Lanich has been touring and playing music for the people of Erie and beyond.

Lanich’s first solo EP, “I’ll Play a Song for You” was released in 2008 and has enjoyed such great success as to be for sale online at iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, and CDbaby,  while locally available at CD Warehouse and Presque Isle Gallery Coffeehouse. Uniquely for a local artist, the EP is currently listed in Billboard’s registry of albums.

As the front man of both the Counter Pointe band and Ray Lanich’s Band, Lanich has turned a decade of professional music playing into a lifetime’s worth of talent and experience.

With Classic Rock covers and amazing emotionally driven originals such as “It Had to Come to This” and “My Jenny”, Lanich’s brand of music blends the best of the old along with the new for a seamless musical experience that gets you up dancing and wrenches your emotions, all in the span of what seems to be only a few minutes, while giving you an emotional journey of the soul.

With all the energy of a full band, Lanich performs covers of the 80’s and 90’s like “Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi and “Under the Bridge” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers that keeps his audience’s toes tapping and bodies swaying the entire night.

Lanich’s wild and wicked precise finger picking has a propulsive effect on everyone, uncontrollably luring them to the dance floor show after show.

Lanich’s supercharged shows are rich in rhythm and tonal color, his command of his instrument is evident, and his talent as a composer is hard to beat with originals, which are invariably marked by their expressiveness.

With a strong, ear-pleasing and powerful voice, smart lyrics and a truly impressive finger style, Lanich has it all, and brings it to every song. Few musicians in Erie can match Lanich’s wonderful gift for using his guitar to create such intricate rhythmic moods of expression, while energizing his audiences with masterfully performed covers of timeless classic songs.

Although he often sounds like two, three or even four very talented men, Lanich is a one-man-band that captivates his audiences with an energy level that starts out at full throttle and seems to grow through the night.

If you have not yet seen Ray Lanich’s high energy, pulse pounding live show or listened to his CD, please know, it is a must.

For more information on Ray Lanich or show dates please visit Facebook page or Myspace page.




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