Dark Shades of War

Erie’s Own Metal Mavericks
By Drew Chiodo

Erie has a rich history when it comes to music. With a band roster ranging from the soulful sound of Train to the pulse-pounding metal of War of Ages, Erie is and has always been at the top of it’s game in the categories of music and musicians.

Every so often there seems to be a band that fits the bill to join the Erie greats. First, this band must have their roots planted deep in the soil of Erie music and secondly, this band must have the determination to prove to their fans, they have what it takes. Currently, this band is Erie’s metal maniacs, Dark Shades of War.

Dark Shades of War (John Copple: Bass and Vocals, Mike Lockhart: Drums, Dave Dombrowski: Guitar) describe their music in the simplest of terms, “Metal, flat-out metal.” However, the band has a slight edge on the other metal bands in the area, almost a secret weapon per say. “It’s got an old school feel with a new twist,” said John Copple, bassist and singer for the band, when asked about that little extra D.S.O.W. bring to the stage.

Though a newer band in the area, it hasn’t taken much time for D.S.O.W. to get their name out loud and clear. This full-impact, in-your-face metal band has been a staple in the downtown Erie music scene since their culmination only a few short months ago.

“Last Halloween weekend, my wife and I decided to stop over to Dave’s (Guitar) for a few before we went out for the night.” said Copple. “It took about two minutes for me to grab a mic and let loose.” This was the birth of the band as it is today.

Going to a D.S.O.W show isn’t like going to your average metal show. The interaction the band brings from the stage is unrivaled in so many categories.

The band is true to their meaning almost to a T, flat-out metal. The band doesn’t stray from the roots, which gives their show that authentic feeling. Though D.S.O.W. does add a new-school twist to the mix, any metal-head, old and new, will feel right at home at one of their shows.

Already, D.S.O.W has a dedicated fan-base referred to as “Casualties”. “Our Casualty Circus is what keeps us going,” said Copple. “We are just three dudes without them.”

Though D.S.O.W. has only been a band for a short couple of months, they are making their mark early here in Erie and are here to stay. “We’ve been picking up a lot of shows,” says Copple. We try to post them all on Facebook and Reverbnation when they come up.”

Check them out on their Facebook or their Reverbnation and become a fan, or as they say, a “Casualty”.