Red Hot Rock

By Jenna Caldwell

Though the ‘alternative’ rock scene refers to the genre’s distinction from mainstream Rock music, across the redmorninghourcountry and most especially in our area, Alternative Rock bands are taking the lead, and charting a new course for what is considered “mainstream” music. Much in the same way Hüsker Dü did in the late 70’s, the Red Hot Chili Peppers did in the 80’s, and R.E.M. did in the 90’s, our local music scene is redefining what mainstream music is.

Armed with nothing more than well-crafted lyrics, top shelf musicianship, and a clear passion for music, this week’s featured band, “Red Morning Hour” takes their talent and tenacity and delivers the new sound of Rock.

Formed in mid 2012, Red Morning Hour has used their experience as veteran musicians and their gift for creating original Rock to develop what is without any doubt at all, one of the areas most creative, energized, and captivating Rock bands in our region.

Made up of Tory Shatto on Drums, Mike Grande on Bass Guitar, Justin Penton on Guitar, and Rob Rounds on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Red Morning Hour is as charismatic as they are talented, and as exciting to watch, as they are to hear.

Offering some of the most honest and ingeniously written music, Red Morning Hour’s assortment of original hit quality songs include 814-Ever, High Degree of Difficulty, Always Be, and of course their self entitled single, Red Morning Hour, to name only a few.

Red Morning Hour’s Drummer Tory Shatto is a very talented stickman that delivers wonderful rhythms and melodic beats that are both powerful and intense, while delivering strong and energetic performances every time.

Mike Grande on the Bass Guitar is simply phenomenal as he easily glides through the plucking, popping, slapping, and tapping of his instrument and, is obviously a critical component in shaping the sound, style, and rhythm of this band’s music. Never missing a groove, and a beat apart from the rest, it is undeniable what energy and power Grande carries as a Bassist.

The Guitar licks of Justin Penton are flashy and fresh, intense and hard-hitting, and tremendously talented as his progressive fingerpicking work is not only an indispensible component to the bands sound, but reveals him as a truly outstanding and gifted Guitar player overall.

Rounding out Red Morning Hour’s four-piece musical masterpiece is the clean and vibrant Guitar work, and the passionate and powerful Vocals of Rob Rounds.  As a high-throttle and very magnetic front man, Rounds delivers performances that are always charming and supercharged, while his talent rich voice delivers the lyrics like a superstar.

Forging a new path and paving the way, Red Morning Hour is bringing tomorrow’s sound of Rock to the people of Erie today, forcing the Underground sound of the Erie scene to bubble up to the top of our local mainstream music.

If you have not yet had the chance to check out these future legends of local Rock, please head over to Bobby’s Place, located at 1202 W 18th St, this Friday night, February 21 at 9pm for their next show, it’s a can’t miss experience.

For more information on Red Morning Hour, their other show dates and booking information, please visit Facebook page.







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