Scarlet Ledbetter’s Latest Release

By Julie Caldwell


In late December of last year, local artists Scarlet Ledbetter released their self-entitled CD that features eight of the most delightful tracks of lyrically moving original songs that really show off the talent and ability of this group.

As a Folk Rock and Bluegrass band, that blends a touch of Jazz and Swing flavor to their sound, Scarlet Ledbetter sticks to their roots with each song on the album, offering a laid-back and charming feel throughout the entire CD.

As a versatile and multi talented trio, Scarlet Ledbetter is made up of front man Keith Wilson on guitar and lead vocals, Dominick DeCecco on the mandolin and Tanner Edwards on the upright bass.

The album starts off strong and tight with songs like “Just Another Sad Song” and “Eldorado”, both having smart lyrics and very catchy melodies, along with shining musicianship that carries the listener blissfully through song after song.

With hints of Old Crow Medicine show with a fresh edge, “Scarlet Ledbetter” dazzles the ear and intrigues the senses note after note.

Though each and every of the eight “Scarlet Ledbetter” tunes and all captivating and enchanting, there are a few that stand out from the rest as solid gold songs, including The Artist, Memory of You, Sativalita, and Just Say When.

With a run time of just under thirty minutes, “Scarlet Ledbetter” offers much of the best musical entertainment one could hope for from a CD, showing off the group’s acoustic power instrumentals, genuine and compelling vocals and harmonies, and authentic classic Bluegrass feel blended with the trio’s own modern sound.

“Scarlet Ledbetter” also features astounding finger picking and Bass work by DeCecco and Edwards, enriching the music far beyond what you might expect, with spectacular delivery of the talent soaked rhythms and riffs, while making this CD a truly special compilation of dazzling music.

Each song on the “Scarlet Ledbetter” album is a sincere work of musical art and is a one of a kind gem, all commanding the listener’s full attention and admiration, while at the same time the music has a calming, yet uplifting influence upon the listener.

The entire CD has high production values with well-crafted and sparkling songs that absolutely stand out from the crowd offering the perfect listening experience for the most discriminating Folk, Bluegrass, and even the Country music fan.

As a solid, tight, and tremendous collection of music, “Scarlet Ledbetter” is definitely a must listen and certainly worthy of a five star rating.

The CD release Party is scheduled for this Friday, February 22, 2013 at 9:00pm at The Crooked i, 1013 State Street.  For more information on Scarlet Ledbetter, their other show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook page.  The CD, “Scarlet Ledbetter” is now available on CDbaby.





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