Lucky Dogs of Music

By Jenna Croyle

On any given weekend there is an entire cornucopia of bands playing out, everything from Blues and Jazz, to Rock and Roll, Metal and Country.  All of these musicians and bands are highly talented, exciting and can surely entertain the masses from all walks of life.

This week’s featured band, Lucky Dog has been lucky enough to have assembled many of the most talented and versatile musicians our City has to offer, creating one of the most power packed and hard-hitting acts in town.

Lucky Dog is an incredible high-energy group of performers that simply enthralls their audiences with the most diverse and captivating shows in town.

As a collection of talent personified, Lucky Dog is made up of Ron Sutton on Vocals and Drums, Jack Belczyk on Vocals and Keyboard, Dave Sabatine on Bass Guitar, Scott Campbell on Vocals and Guitar, along with Kayti Stadler on Lead Female Vocals and Mark Beery on Lead Male Vocals and Guitar.

With a reputation for being among the most charismatic of bands, Lucky Dog is well known for dazzling their fans with brilliant light shows and a set list that simply rocks any house and forces everyone to dance, let their hair down and just let loose for the night.

Lucky Dog has amassed the most devastatingly entertaining and supercharged set list, playing the best songs of the 80’s, and 90’s with fantastic covers of artists like Sugarland, Lady Gaga, Foo Fighters, Michael Jackson, Carrie Underwood, and Styx, along with too many more to mention.

Bringing to the stage some of the best vocal harmony and Guitar work in town is Mark Beery and Scott Campbell, offering their audiences much of the most dazzling, brilliant and commanding fingerpicking styles in the area.

Doubling as the Lead Male Vocalist of the group, Beery captivates attendees with his versatile and smooth voice that hits both the high and low notes perfectly while offering an incredibly charismatic and energized stage presence as well.

Ron Sutton delivers a frenzy of high throttle stick work that is always very rhythmic and spectacular, never out of time and always spot on.

The keyboard is set on fire with Jack Belczyk at the top of his game, always amazing and completely hard to believe as he offers simply stunning performances time after time.

Dave Sabatine on Bass Guitar is truly stellar, as his beats are always strong and powerful with wonderful timing and rhythms along with a great show of mega talent each performance.

As one of the most talented and stunning female Lead Vocalists in town, Kayti Stadler delivers shocking and magnificent performances every show that charms and enchants her audiences with the highest of energy and an astoundingly sultry, powerful and riveting voice.

With a collection of talent rich musicians, pulse pounding and explosive energy, and a set list that seems like a car radio stuck on Rock, Lucky Dog is among the heaviest of musical hitters in town, and definitely a one of a kind, must see band.

The next time you have a night out, please check out a Lucky Dog show, you will absolutely be the lucky dog of the night.

For more information on Lucky Dog and their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook page.