Sizzling Soul and Raging Rock

By Jenna Croyle

Much of the best music comes from attitude as much as it does from talent and experience. The best performances that I have seen came from the heart, the love of performing and the intensity that spills out on to your senses as though it were a waterfall.

Raw and real, and dripping with energy and powerful charisma, this weekend’s featured band, The Vendettas take the show to new levels with dazzling lyrical delivery and aggressive showmanship that makes for a stunning musical experience.

With a powerhouse ensemble, an explosive stage show, and a captivating and alluring charm, The Vendettas light up every room they play and offer a scorching show every time.

Organized in 2012, The Vendettas feature Rayna Allanigue on Saxophone, Percussion and Vocals, Justin Anderson on Lead Guitar and Vocals, Russ Straub on Rhythm Guitar, Graham Iam on Bass Guitar and Vocals, Stan Zlotkowski and Erich Semelka on Drums and Percussion, with Stephanie Hand on Lead Vocals.

Delivering rapid-fire hits with superstar like presentations, The Vendettas serve up that crazy Rock and Roll music blended with the most rich a soulful sound that only comes from pure passion, chemistry, and true talent.

With what seems to be a never ending cornucopia of supercharge solid gold in their repertoire, The Vendettas blast out songs like “Gold On The Ceiling” by The Black Keys, “Rollin In The Deep” by Adele

“Fever” by Peggy Lee, “Sweet Lovin’ Woman” by Dobie Gray, along with “99 Pounds of Soul” by Ann Peebles, and countless others.

Rayna Allanigue’s Saxophone blows long and strong, offering such a sweet, smooth sound with an amazing depth about it, inspiring the music and creating a wonderful addition to the band’s over all feel and style.

Justin Anderson takes charge with his Lead Guitar, slamming the riffs and rocking the stage with talent and energy that takes the music to the stratosphere.

The Rhythm Guitar of Russ Straub is sleek and funky, always true and tight and delivering tremendous performances sprinkled with amazing style and charisma. Straub’s strumming and finger style is progressive and possesses a wealth of talent.

Graham Iam delivers outstanding Bass Guitar work, with excellent style and full sound that brings both the thunder and the lightning to the stage, and doing it effortlessly cool.

Stan Zlotkowski and Erich Semelka pound out devastating Drumbeats with power, high energy, spitfire timing and a style that is as diverse as it is gifted.

With a raw and commanding voice that has a genuine Rock sound flavored with a hard driving Joplin feel, Stephanie Hand is simply stellar. The sheer power of Hand’s voice comes through crisp and clean, absolutely demonstrating an unassailable and rhythmic control of both the low and the high notes, while her flair for audience connection is astounding.

Bringing the energy on overdrive, playing everything from Motown to Classic Rock, The Vendettas rock the legendary oldies with red hot style and sweet soul that has already branded  The Vendettas as one of Erie’s premier cover bands.

For more information on The Vendettas, their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook page.



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