Stop, Look and Listen

By Jenna Croyle

While some bands keep to one style of music, many combine two, or even sometimes three genres, creating distinctive sounds all their own.

Blending a plethora of influences, styles and sounds, this week’s featured band, East Ave has fused Jazz, Reggae, Rock, Funk, and even a splash of both Folk and Country into a sound so fresh, that it continues to catapult the group to the forefront of original Rock music.

East Ave offers their audiences music with a laid-back feel that is delivered with a high energy and super talented presentation of the most uniquely crafted original music in town.

This seven-member collaboration of talent and artistry is comprised of Pat Vahey on Guitar,  Joe Vahey on Drums, Elly Vahey on lead vocals, Doug Russell on Bass Guitar, Tim Sul on Guitar, and Royce Wilson on Acoustic and Lap Steel Guitar and Patrick Vahey on Lead Male Vocals.

With a devastatingly charismatic stage presence, vast musical skill, and an obvious passion for music that flows fluently through each member of the band, spilling into the entire audience, East Ave serves up the most wonder and diverse entertain experience one could have.

The Guitar work of both Pat Vahey and Tim Sul is nothing short of gifted fingerpicking at its best, both showing a masterful command of their instruments, while pumping out the notes with great style, energy and a superbly rich sound.

Doug Russell’s Bass Guitar is dripping with skill, experience and talent that offers a rich, full and powerful resonance of the music that is a true treat for the ear, and a magnificent edition to the music.

Joe Vahey beats out spectacular stick work that is both melodic and rapid fire, as he effortlessly glides through the varied and diverse music of the band, always keeping his chops in excellent time and rhythms.

Adding a very unique sound and feel to a band that already has so much of both, Royce Wilson is truly a wonderful addition to East Ave. With the highest caliber of musicianship, a fantastic energy, and a real passion for playing, Wilson brings a genuine creativity and originality to each show.

Patrick Vahey offers a strong voice that is full of talent and emotion, while his performances are straightforward and zesty, delivering the heart and soul of each song.

With an amazing charm, and fraught with energy and excitement, Elly Vahey is perhaps the most captivating female Lead Vocalist in Erie today. Offering a powerful voice with a hint of rasp, Elly Vahey easily hits both the low and the high notes with great range, while making an alluring connection with her audiences.

Offering everything that a great original Rock band should along with so much more, East Ave creates a sense of living in the moment through incredible rhythms, brilliant lyrics, and marvelous vocals that transcend most local bands.

East Ave is perhaps the heaviest of hitters when it comes to original local bands, and definitely a band that you simply must experience as many times as you possibly can.

For more information on East Ave, their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook page.




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