This Weekend’s Hot Spot

Hammersmith and Kevlar at Sherlock’s
By Terry Pentelli

This Saturday night, January 25th at 10pm, pour into Sherlock’s and get pounded in an epic night of mayhem hammersmithkevlarand debauchery as two of Erie’s greatest bands take the stage and rage, roar, and rip the house down.

Bringing the best bands of all genres, and from all over the region, for nearly three decades, Sherlock’s has stood tall as the king of State Street in not only good times, but as the one of the leaders of Erie’s live entertainment scene.

With excellent bartenders, incredible servers, and killer drink specials, along with a wicked sound and light show, and the most electrifying music pouring off the stage every weekend, Sherlock’s gets its crazy on like no other.

In that same hard-hitting and devastating tradition that Sherlock’s has perfected, this Saturday marks yet another show that will be larger-than-life, and a can’t miss night of madness.

First up we have Kevlar, the most intense, aggressive, and in-your-face Hard Rock band around, taking their insane show to the extreme every time.

Delivering power packed music, balls to the walls lunacy, and party pandemonium every second of every show, Kevlar never stops the Rock and always leaves you addicted and destroyed.

Kevlar is made up of Jacob Flaugh on Guitar and Vocals, Anthony Sanzo on Bass Guitar, Nick Sanzo on Drums and Vocals, with Brian Lowery on Guitar and Lead Vocals.

Cranking out killer original songs like “I Don’t Mind”, “Strength”, “Vicious Cycle”, “Staring Back at Me”, “Better Than Me”, and “Bad Day”, Kevlar kicks up a furious frenzy of power, energy, and musical mania that is historic.

Giving outrageous performances with the most shocking stage shows, and the most tremendous energy on overdrive, Hammersmith takes the stage, bringing the noise and wreaking havoc, and Rockin’ the roof off.

As legends of the Erie Rock scene for almost thirty years, Hammersmith is Bill Bainbridge on Lead Guitar and Vocals, Mike Isbell on Bass Guitar and Vocals, Mike Howard on Drums and Percussion along with Ed Little on Lead Vocals and Guitar.

With sick insanity and a slaughtering party attitude, Hammersmith pummels you with ferocious covers of everything from 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today including “Outshined” by Soundgarden, “Enemy” by Godsmack, “Hellion” and “Electric Eye” by Judas Priest, “Wrathchild” by Iron Maiden, “Something in Your Mouth” by Nickelback, and “Firewoman” by The Cult, along with too many more to name.

Churning out the crazy chaos, the musical mayhem, and the most badass wasted nights you’ll ever have, Hammersmith is Erie’s goodtime gurus, and pied pipers of party.

Saturday night don’t be any place else but Sherlock’s for the biggest bash, the most outrageous night of unbelievable beats, and the most ridiculously wildest ride of the weekend and get hammered all night long, at the hottest, most bitchin’ show of the weekend.

For more information on Sherlock’s please visit their Facebook page. For more information on Hammersmith, their other show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook page. For other show dates, booking information, and more information on Kevlar, please visit their Facebook page.








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