This Weekend’s Hotspot

Falling Hollywood at the Oasis

By Terry Pentelli

This Friday night, January 17th at 9:30, Oasis sets the stage and Falling Hollywood rattles the walls and fallinghollywoodrocks the house at the most blazing hot show of the week.

Located at 3122 W Lake Rd, the Oasis Bar and Restaurant always keeps a great variety of beers ranging from Guinness to Coors Light on hand, along with a manic menu of micro brews.

The Oasis also features bangin’ bartenders and an excellent selection of dinners and nibblers at a price that is just right, not to mention some of the best live music in the area.

In addition, Oasis has one of the largest outside decks in the area that features a full service bar and perhaps best Daiquiris and margaritas in town.

Having the best bartenders, the smoothest drinks and the coolest bands every weekend, Oasis always sizzles and stands tall as one of the hottest Westside spots.

This Friday night is no different as the Oasis welcomes Falling Hollywood to the house, partying with a passion, and cranking out some of the best damn hit quality original music.

With killer musicianship, and supercharged enthusiasm for their music, Falling Hollywood is made up of Brad Triana on Drums, Bill Frackowiak on Bass, Nick Taylor on Vocals and Guitar, along with the wickedly talented Matt Flowers on Lead Vocals and Guitar.

With bitchin’ lyrics, mad vocals, and blazing instrumentals, Falling Hollywood gives their fans much more than just another night out, they consistently deliver the best night out.

Falling Hollywood seems to always create one of the coolest vibes with the most intense party attitude of any band in town. Armed with a set list of originals like Cocaine, Covered in Wine, Young and Dangerous, Sand Dollar Sky, Gypsy Moth, I Got News, and Blood Hits the Wall, Falling Hollywood delivers an all out, balls to the walls powerhouse show every time.

The hard-hitting and super groovy sounds of Falling Hollywood blasts Alternative Rock to the stratosphere with attitude and originality, fueling the flames of good times and epic nights.

Tired of the ordinary, ready for the real deal, want some original Rock that won’t stop, Falling Hollywood brings the noise and the most extreme throw down every time.

This Friday night get your groove on and jam out with the slammin’ sounds of Falling Hollywood, pushing the boundaries and blowing your mind at the hottest, most wicked crazy blow out bash of the weekend.

For more information on Falling Hollywood, their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook page. For more information on the Oasis Bar and Restaurant and their upcoming shows, events, and other information, please visit their Facebook page.






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