Three on a Bench is Good Luck

By Dan and Alison Tingley

A Bench in the Sun, by Ron Clark, is playing at the Station Dinner Theatre and Tavern. Clark has worked with many comedians including Mel Brooks. He is credited with a long television writing career including such shows as “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour,” “The Paul Lynde Show,” “That Girl,” “Silver Spoons,” and “Moonlighting.”
This charming comedy (A Bench in the Sun, remember?) is directed by Larry Lewis. As always at the Station, the actors serve the meal in character.

A Bench in the Sun is the story of two old friends, Harold and Burt, living in an assisted living facility. They have their favorite bench, where they sit every day and discuss life and argue. One day former movie star, Adrienne Bliss, moves in and adds a bit of excitement to their lives. Then they find out that their home is about to be sold, and they have to figure out a way to prevent it.

The show features Larry Lewis (Harold), Michael Nasca (Burt), and Carrie Smith (Adrienne). Lewis and Nasca demonstrate a relationship not unlike an old married couple. The characters are along the lines of an elderly odd couple. Nasca plays the straight man to Lewis’ more eccentric character. They work well together with great timing and delivery. Lewis delivers his lines with dry, sardonic wit and throws in some great physical comedy as well. Smith adds a nice breath of fresh air to the trio. She brings a bright and cheerful character to the stage to contend with two grumpy old men. Smith holds her own as the force that keeps the other two in line and solidifies their friendship.

The set and costumes are appropriate.

A Bench in the Sun runs through June 23. This well-directed show is a sweet story of friendship. It’s funny and definitely worth seeing. Call (814) 864-2022 or go on line to for show times, reservations, and access to the season schedule.



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  • June 14, 2013 at 10:33 pm

    My wife and I really enjoyed the dinner and show. Was wonderful how well the actors stayed in character as they served us our food. Also had a good time visiting with the other people at our table. Very nice article portraying the show.

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