80’s Music on Overdrive

By Jenna Croyle

No matter what we do or where we go, whether it is to a movie at Tinseltown, dinner at our favorite restaurant or a night out on the town at a local club or tavern with our friends, the one thing that we are all looking for is a good time. All we want to do is just sit back enjoy the evening and let all the cares and worries of the day just slip away.

For many people around town, the first choice is to head out to where the best music is that night and just let your hair down and let a bit of your wild side slip out. If a wild and crazy night is what you are looking for, this week’s featured band, Hammerd is just the band to give it to you.

With smooth structure, riffs that rock, and vocals that wale, Hammerd delivers a classic heavy metal and power metal hybrid sound with very traditional overtones that blend to make an extreme balance of artistic purity and sonic mayhem.

Hammerd is an aggressive, high-energy four-piece band that is made up of the most genuinely talented musicians Erie has to offer which include Christopher Shaner on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Brian Warzynak on Guitar and Vocals, Brian Lorei on Drums and Trevor Vogt on Bass and Vocals.

This band is a well-oiled machine that is solidly intense at its core in traditional heavy metal style that fills that space between awesome and mind blowing. With every show, Hammerd seems to redefine what an 80’s Heavy Metal Tribute band should be.

Also unique to this band is that every show is different in that Hammerd rarely, if ever performs the same set list. With nearly 200 of the best hard-hitting, Power Metal tunes ever written in their collection of songs, Hammerd is the human platinum edition, best of 80’s Metal CD, all rolled into one live band.

There fist pumping, pulse pounding, head banging repertoire of Hard Rock gold includes everything from Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake and Poison to Ozzy, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Dio and the Scorpions along with so many more that makes every show a one of a kind, not to be missed, explosion of insane 80’s Metal madness.

Brian Warzynak releases the sonic power of his electric Guitar creating a masterpiece of musical harmony with the Lead Guitar that flows fluently while every riff is slammed into, clearly showing Warzynak’s great talent with every note.

The baselines of Trevor Vogt are wide in both complexity and rhythmic diversity and this Bass master keeps perfect time and rhythm, doubling complex riffs and licks, while being talent packed as his perfect beats pour off the stage with a thick and gritty feel.

Brian Lorei’s rapid-fire and melodic chops keep the beats pounding, while always shell shocking audiences with extreme energy and a refreshingly raw style that shows other drummers who’s boss.

The band’s Lead Singer and Guitarist Chris Shaner seems to be the total Hard Rock package. With a classic Metal voice, that does justice to all the 80’s rockers, a true gift for the Guitar and a stage presence that leads the way to the party, Shaner pays perfect tribute to the coolest parts of the hard rocking 1980’s.

If you are looking to get out, throw back and party like a Rock Star, check out the next Hammerd show, for a night you may never recover from and you will love every minute that you can remember.

For more information on Hammerd and their show dates, please check out their Facebook page.