Accident Survivor Embraces Life and Release New Book Heal from Your Heart with Breath, Rhyme and Art

Author, Artist, Holistic Health Coach and Speaker, Denise DeMaras announces her new guide and card deck to self healing, Heal from Your Heart with Breath, Rhyme and Art.

Heal from Your Heart with Breath, Rhyme and Art is a unique and profound guide for self healing that is simply and playfully presented. By fusing age old practices and philosophy from around the globe with the creative process, Denise shows us how to create our own healing. Included are her new creative technique, Rhyme to Heal,® her original art and verses to support the reader as they find their way to heal.

Discover in these powerful pages and compelling cards the secrets which will significantly improve relationships, creativity, success, self-confidence, health, sleep, focus, and memory.

Denise teaches and practices holistic self healing methods she learned in schools such as Columbia University Teachers College, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition for Holistic Health and Nutrition, Chopra Center University for Teaching Meditation and Chapman University for Art for Healing Instructor. She became board certified as a Health and Nutrition Practitioner by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and opened her practice. Everything fell into place. And then it happened.

On Christmas Eve, 2009, she was rear-ended by a fast-moving car and pushed into another which restricted her life and ability to work. Knowing there is no greater teacher than life she embraced this challenge and allowed her new life circumstances to show her the way to heal. As she expected, Denise found the way to triumph over emotional resistance and overcome physical pain. In the end the very accident that halted her work was another gift, a blessing of learning, deep healing and joy.

From this accident she produced a creative self-healing method, Rhyme to Heal® and a book with card deck to teach others the ways she learned to heal. Denise’s sharing of what she has lived, learned and put into practice is her gift to the world as she presents her new book Heal from Your Heart with Breath, Rhyme and Art. She gives an offering from the heart to help all those who struggle with pain, stubborn emotional and mental blocks, negativity and stress. It is a tremendous guide to self-healing for everyone, every day. Denise is available to teach the ways she learned to heal in classes or workshops, share her experiences and new book with her healing art display for your group. Coaching is available for select clients who want to find their way to heal naturally and creatively.