Acoustic Rock Remix

By Jenna Croyle


Following the popular hit television show of the 90’s, MTV Unplugged, performances by acoustic artists have been on the upswing throughout the country.

While undeniably, acoustic performances are every bit as entertaining as those of a full band, an acoustic performance can sometimes be perceived as more of a relaxing, intimate event and less of a high-energy party show.

This week’s featured musical Artist, Small Town Rollers break the boundaries and forge a new feel of Acoustic Rock, pumping up the party with every show.

Every Small Town Rollers’ show is set ablaze by talent rich musicians, great cover music, and supercharged energy coming off the stage that gets everybody revved up and boogying from the first note to the last.

Playing only acoustic instruments, Small Town Rollers is made up of Michael Modzelewski on Guitars and Vocals, Bryan Pietrzak on Latin Percussion and Vocals and Brandon Edwards on Vocals, Guitar and Harmonica.

With passion and power, Small Town Rollers offers marvelous renditions of Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show, Girl I Wanna Lay You Down by Jack Johnson, Pinball Wizard by The Who, Shooting Star by Bad Company, Can’t Ya See by the Marshall Tucker Band, Pink Houses by John Mellencamp, Bartender by Rehab, Santeria by Sublime, Come Together by The Beatles along with other tunes by Journey, Grateful Dead and Dirty Head and many others.

Playing out since 2008, Small Town Rollers also brings to the stage a very tight musical sound that comes from a clear and strong bond between the members along with the experience each has taken from past bands that they have been involved with.

In addition to stellar finger picking and Harmonica work, Brandon Edwards delivers top notch Vocals that are very versatile, conforming his voice to fit perfectly each song he sings.

Michael Modzelewski’s spot on Guitar that never fail to electrify the audience shows off his versatility and talent as a player, while his vocals offer spectacular harmonies to the overall show.

Unique to this trio is Bryan Pietrzak’s rapid fire, yet melodic use of bongos and congas that lends a creative and distinctive sound to the band. Pietrzak’s expert beats, dripping with talent are fraught with rhythm and energy, truly giving the music a fresh soul of its own.

Small Town Rollers are a three-piece Acoustic Rock dynamo that has redefined the sound and remixed the rhythm, creating a one of a kind party packed experience to the Erie scene.

If you are looking for a hard driving sound with a big band sensation and a rock till you drop show, Small Town Rollers is all that and a bag o’chips.

For more information on Small Town Rollers and their show dates, please visit their Facebook Page.