Alternative Rock Reborn

By Jenna Croyle

Since the 1980’s, the independent music underground has been changing, evolving, and reinventing itself with the emergence of new sounds and styles and creative energies of those who make up the scene.

Today’s generation of musicians, unified by their collective dedication to their musical style, music itself, and of course their fans and the independent, D.I.Y. culture of Punk Rock have given a rebirth to not only the underground Alternative music scene, but to the sound, spirit, and heart of “music”.

This week’s featured band, Palindrome, personifies that rebirth, as they have taken Alternative Music and reshaped it, creating a sound as fresh and unique as the originators of the Alternative Music scene.

Palindrome takes the highest of energy and blends inventive and well-crafted lyrics, very catchy and melodic compositions, a distinctive style, along with talent rich musicianship, creating a final product that is simply outstanding.

Together only since mid 2012, Palindrome offers our scene an extremely diverse and radio friendly sound, while keeping the heart and soul of their music pure and unblemished by mainstream pressures and influences.

As a cornucopia of talents, Palindrome is comprised of Josh Kilpatrick on Guitar, Ryan Hetherington on Bass and Vocals, Xander Maloney on Keyboard, Isaac Capwill on Drums, along with Mike Hammar on Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals.

Churning out hit quality original music song after song such as Dr Awkward, Mad as Adam, Aibohphobia, No Devil Lived On, Never Odd or Even, and Swap God for a Janitor, Rot in a Jar of Dog Paws, Palindrome always keeps it real and is constantly on the cutting edge.

Josh Kilpatrick serves up stellar fingerpicking work as he delivers high-energy performances and excites not only the audience, but the music as well.

Ryan Hetherington brings his Bass Guitar to life with thick, wide lines and a real command of the instrument, making the beats soar and the energy flow as though it were a raging river.

Bringing the magic out of the music with every note, Xander Maloney offers stunning Keyboard action with devastating talent and a knack for performing.

Isaac Capwill presents dazzling stick work as he pounds out much of the most melodic Drumming in town with a clear flair for the stage.

While serving up hard-hitting Guitar work with an in your face style, Mike Hammar is a very high throttle performer with a natural gift for music and a voice that rocks any house.

Real, genuine, supercharged, talented, captivating, and fresh are all words that could be used to describe Palindrome, though no words would more accurately embody the band as would true rock with pure passion.

Much like those groundbreaking musicians who gave birth to Alternative Rock, Palindrome has reborn not only the Alternative sound, but its true spirit as well.

For more information on Palindrome, their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook page.