Anne Frank Apartment Proves AmsterdamStay’s Most Popular Holiday Home

Stay close to Amsterdam’s most popular landmark at the Anne Frank Apartment.

AmsterdamStay has redefined holiday accommodation by offering business and leisure travellers the opportunity to experience Amsterdam life not as tourists but like locals. The key to making visitors feel like locals: holiday homes with outstanding amenities and a special interest twist.

“Our vacation rentals allow guests to get under the skin of the city. We have a Rembrandt apartment, an Olympic apartment, a Vondel park apartment, etc. All aptly named to refer to the proximity of the property to the respective attraction. The Anne Frank apartment, which occupies an entire floor in a canal house just opposite the eponymous museum, has time and again proven one of our most popular rentals in the city,” comments Robert of AmsterdamStay.

Every year Amsterdam draws millions of visitors who seek to indulge in different experiences. There is the rich cultural heritage evident at numerous museums and galleries, the beautifully preserved period architecture and the vibrant art scene. And then there is modern-day Amsterdam life of street parties, round-the-clock music fests and cutting edge professional expos. In a city that has no lack for popular attractions, high culture or hedonistic pleasures, the undying popularity of the Anne Frank Museum is proof enough that Amsterdam is more to visitors than a destination for red-light district and coffee shop themed stag parties.

The secret annex where Anne wrote her historic diary, while she and her family were hiding for two years during the occupation of the Netherlands by the Nazis, was converted into a museum after the war. Today the Anne Frank House welcomes visitors daily and stays open for nearly 12 hours. Through photos, personal objects and memorabilia the museum collection offers visitors insight into the daily challenges faced by the two Jewish families and the courageous girl. You can purchase translations of Anne’s diary into different languages from the museum bookshop.

The Anne Frank Museum is situated on the scenic Prinsengracht canal. The Anne Frank apartment, which occupies the ground floor of a house right across the canal, sleeps up to five guests and is suitable for a small family or a group of friends staying together. The apartment features a modern kitchen, a spacious living room with three extra beds, a cosy bedroom and a bathroom. Best of all, the apartment is within walking distance from Amsterdam Centraal Station, the 9 Streets shopping quarter, Dam Square and a whole array of other attractions.

The Jordaan, where the apartment is situated, is a historic area with a rich past. Once home to such luminaries as Rembrandt and Anne Frank, today the Jordaan is among the trendiest districts in Amsterdam. The well-preserved, beautifully renovated canal houses are inhabited by young entrepreneurs, artists and students. Jordaan boasts a vibrant nightlife, splendid markets, jewellery ateliers, cosy brown pubs, art galleries and quaint boutiques. You can wonder the narrow alleys, the scenic canal streets and the hidden courtyards, while mixing and mingling with the locals.

Visitors who wish to be immersed into the city’s rich heritage, be it through the dramatic, yet inspiring story of Anne Frank or any of the other historic figures and events that have shaped Amsterdam, can do so by staying in holiday homes conveniently situated within close proximity of major landmarks. The Old Masters apartment, the Artis Aquarius apartment, the Rembrandt apartment and many more attractive properties are located within walking distance from eponymous museums and attractions.

Teodora Gaydarova writes about travel, food, culture and more.