Big City Sound, With Finesse and Flair

By Jenna Croyle

In today’s society, we see more conformity and less individuality, more followers than leaders, and more routine than creativity and originality.  Even in music, many musicians are content to look at what others have done that works, and follow in their footsteps, trying to duplicate the sounds, styles, and even the compositions.

In a time when unoriginality and complacency has seem to have swept the world, it is to say the least, a refreshing change of pace to find bands that are not only unafraid to let their creativity rage, but are also gifted musicians who let their talents shine with a style and cleverness that can only be described as a true inspiration.

Daring to be original, audacious enough to be visionaries, and talented enough to do it brilliantly, this week’s featured band, Unordained has taken Indie music beyond the confines of the mind, and have propelled it into the limitless bounds of the imagination.

Together only since early 2009, Unordained is one of the most creative and innovative Indie bands in the local scene today, offering their audiences a variety of flavors that blend a New York City style edge with many diverse flavors, and flecks of pure gold.

Being a very high-energy band, delivering supercharged shows, Unordained is made up of members Andrew Pochatko on Guitar, Chris “Chow” Dropcho on Bass Guitar, Paul Heise on Drums, and Burny White on Lead Vocals and Lead Guitar.

Churning out much of the most innovative and well-crafted original songs performed on any local stage, Unordained offers the crowds Indie Rock that is completely captivating, and beyond inspired.

Hit quality original songs like “When You Were Mine”, “Hey Little Girl’, “Blame”, “So Long Civilization”, “Who’s Lyin’ Now”, “Want Someone to Love”, “Stay”, “Unlucky in Love”, and of course, their self titled hit, “Unordained”, demonstrate the versatility and veracity of this band.

With mega talented and high-energy fingerpicking, Andrew Pochatko’s Guitar simply soars with all the grace and confidence of the majestic Eagle and the fierce attitude of a Grizzly. Pochatko offers masterful playing with a wonderful command of the stage.

Chris “Chow” Dropcho’s very groovy beats are a triple threat, delivering devastating tones, melodic rhythms, and a cornucopia of assorted musical embellishments that make this incredibly talented Bass player much more than a treat.

Paul Heise on the Drums is without doubt, a true supercharged joy. Heise works stick magic with every beat, showing off his great skill and flair as a real stick master, while his energy and tenacity infuse the music and enthrall the audience.

As not only the high throttle and very charismatic Front Man of this band, Burny White is the pied piper of energy at every show, and is one of the most exceptional song crafters in town. White takes his decades of experiences, plethora of talents, and his amazing profusion of musicianship and fuses it with a fantasia that is nothing short of pure artistry.

Bringing everything intense to the stage with the most unrestricted and imaginative original mind tripping music, Unordained always delivers the truth of music with passion, power, and talent on overdrive.

For more information on Unordained, their show dates, and booking information, please visit their Facebook Page.