Fatal Ten Launches a Kickstarter Campaign that will have Brides and Grooms Everywhere Running Away from the Altar!

“Til Death Do Us Part will be a horror movie that will scare the most hardcore horror fan,” says Marcus J. Mosley. Til Death Do Us Part will set the bar much higher for independent horror movies.

But Mr. Mosley (writer, director, and producer) says it will take public funding from backers on Kickstarter to determine if the movie can live up to the hype! “We really need support from the public to make this movie happen,” says Mr. Mosley. “We need at least $7,000 to go into production and anything above that amount will be used to pay our cast and crew.”

“My entire cast and crew is working for free,” says Mr. Mosley. “That’s how dedicated everyone is about making this movie. They are busting their butts to bring horror movie fans something special.”

“But just because the actors and actresses are working for free, don’t think they are amateurs,” says Mr. Mosley. “William Conklin has done over 75 films. Joe Hammerstone (IMDb) has done over 100 films and Paige Ball has been featured in COED Magazine’s Miss Coed, 105.7 The Point’s August iCandy, and she is officially part of Maxim’s Model Database.

“Backers from Kickstarter would allow Fatal Ten Production to pay the cast and crew and upgrade some of our video and audio equipment”, say Mr. Mosley.

“Til Death Do Us Part is a “found footage” horror movie that will follow soon to be bride, Meg Alexander and groom to be Derrick Logan, though the eyes of several cameras,” says Mr. Mosley. “These cameras will be brought onto the premises by Katie Rogers, the maid of honor, who as a wedding gift to Meg has decided to document the remaining ten days leading up to her best friend’s wedding.”

“Everything seems normal,” says Mr. Mosley “until Meg decides to wear her deceased mother’s wedding gown. Once Meg brings the gown back to her house, unexplained paranormal occurrences start to happen.”

Til Death Do Us Part’s Kickstarter will start running November 1, 2013 and will continue thru December 3, 2013.

Those who pledge a certain amount of money will get awesome prizes such as shirts, posters, DVD’s, and even a paid trip to St. Louis to hang-out with the cast and crew!

For more information about pledging, please visit www.kickstarter.com

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Fatal Ten is a small independent production company looking to make big movies!