Frank Marzano’s “The Boy Who Always Got Picked Last”

By Julie Caldwell


Merging strong melodies, crisp vocals, smart and tactful arrangements with wonderful guitar riffs and excellent musicianship, Frank Marzano has created a luminous blending of that 60’s sound with flavors of Surf Rock, Power Pop and Electro-Rock with the release of “The Boy Who Always Got Picked Last.”

Released in November of last year, “The Boy Who Always Got Picked Last” is an eleven track CD of original music that features fantastic vocals and harmonies with thrilling and haunting hooks along with well-crafted lyrics combined with a retro edge that makes for a dazzling listening experience.

The entire album is fresh, well produced, and shows a unique diversity of material, while staying true to the overall light and fun feel that delivers a very clean sound.

While all the tracks are a mix bag of musical treats, each of the individual songs keep that “feel good” air about them throughout the CD. Kicking off “The Boy Who Always Got Picked Last” is the very upbeat and toe tapping single entitled “Huge Rock Star”, which quickly captures your attention, brilliantly transitioning into “Hit the Bricks”, a song with strong Beatles like overtones.

Other songs on the album like “Humble Street”, “June”, and “Hurting You Right Back” express a cornucopia of emotions along with top of the line song writing and instrumental talents.

As an album that is all music and no gimmicks, “The Boy Who Always Got Picked Last” is a splendid mix of the softer side of music with “Breathless”, “Get Along”, and “We Both Loved You” along with the higher energy tunes that get right to the point and rock your world.

As an honest and charming compilation of magnificent music, “The Boy Who Always Got Picked Last” reveals the incredible quality of melody and musical skill that Marzano is capable of, and is a true testament to his talent and abilities.

While the total run time of the songs on the entire album is a bit long, chiming in at just over 48 minutes, time seems to pass quickly as the quality and passion of the music more than makes up for the length of the CD.

Marzano’s love of singing and songwriting, along with his enormous talent as a musician is clear and profound with the release of “The Boy Who Always Got Picked Last.”

Without doubt, “The Boy Who Always Got Picked Last” is an album that has something for everyone, ballads and body bumpers, all sharing simply outstanding instrumental work with charming and addictive melodies, and heartfelt lyrics that both touch and excite you simultaneously.

“The Boy Who Always Got Picked Last” is a definite must listen, a true five star album and is currently available at,, and

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