Hardcore Rendered

By Jenna Croyle

This week we will be shining the spotlight on a band that might be flying under the mainstream radar, although they hail from a small suburb of Erie, their brawny sound has New York written all over it.

This week’s featured band, The Faded Fallen is a heavy metal, hardcore band that is based out of Corry Pa. As one of the premier hardcore bands in Erie today, The Faded Fallen have grown a strong fan following not only in Erie, but in Cleveland and Pittsburgh as well.

Made up of Ryan Emerson on Rhythm Guitar, Mike Thomas on Bass Guitar, Steve Kerr on Drums, Jonnie Donoghue on Lead Guitar and Backup Vocals and Mic Linden on Lead Vocals, The Faded Fallen certainly gives their fans more than what they bargained for each show.

One of the first things people notice about this band is the energy of its front man Mic Linden along with his uncanny vocal resemblance to some of the Heavy Metal greats. There’s no doubt Linden has gotten much of his style by listening to the classics but his hooky and passionate performances are too dedicated to deny. While their sweat and blood music is founded in true hardcore, Linden’s vocal tone tempers it with a melodious edge.

The Faded Fallen has their engine firing on all cylinders with songs that are a tribute to the most vital parts of punk, hardcore, and even seemingly at times, alt-rock.

With many influences such as Metallica, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Motorhead, Korn and Black Sabbath that the band members bring to the stage, The Faded Fallen’s face pounding metal performances never seem to fail to fill venues and leave the crowds beaten, broke down and begging for more.

The Faded Fallen’s bare-boned approach to hardcore is a refreshing change from the overproduction and Pro-Tools or the commonality of just banging out the music just to play the song that so many bands today have the habit of doing.

With all the talent, timing, precision and expert ear for detail, Steve Kerr is exactly the type of person who should be drumming in a hardcore band as his stick work is always spot on.

The Guitar licks of Emerson and Donoghue have a tone, and sound that is talent packed and pours off the stage in a thick and gritty feel that comes down on songs like a ton of bricks, always in perfect harmony.

For all those people who complain about the lack of New York City styled hardcore in Erie’s Metal scene, The Faded Fallen have answered their prayers. The band’s reminiscent sound of hardcore’s golden days mixed with their big city edge and modern hardcore in your face attitude and full-blown powerhouse stage presence drowns you in pure Metal like an experience you have never had.

The Faded Fallen is a band not to be ignored and well worth checking out their next show.

For more information on The Faded Fallen and their show dates, please visit their Facebook Page