High Heels, Skirts and Rock’n Roll

By Jenna Croyle

Inspiring us in each and every way, old school rock ‘n roll was never as powerful as it was by the ladies of Rock and their music. Throughout the decades, bands like Heart, The Bangles, The Go Go’s, Joan Jett, and even Pat Benatar touched our hearts, stretched our minds and reached our souls.

This week’s featured band, Stiletto brings back that old familiar feeling of times long past, when the women of Rock ruled.

Formed in 2010, Stiletto featured the best female singers Erie had to offer, including Monica Lewis, Emily Foht, Angie Myers and Lindsey Vendetti. Since that time, Vendetti has moved on, transforming the fantastic four into the tremendous threesome.

Stiletto is very unique in more that they are one of the only all female bands in Erie, that they are a culmination of perhaps the three most talented and vibrant women in the City, but are really two bands in one, Stiletto is backed up by local Rock’n Roll giants, String Theory.

The very talented members of String Theory need no real accreditation here, their vast talent and long history in local music speaks for itself. Mike Cummings, Tim Driscoll, Bob Seaman, along with Scott Kuhn of Rhythm Method and Letters to the Dead, give renowned, high-energy performances each time String Theory takes the stage.

Much like the film Stiletto starring Tom Berenger, our local Stiletto is as hot and sexy as the music they perform. Songs by artists such as Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, Carrie Underwood, Susan Tedeschi, Miranda Lambert, Lady Gaga, and Pat Benatar are all seductively brought to life with the powerful voices of these three female masters of the Mic.

While all three ladies of the stage are not only vivacious and almost hypnotic in their musical presentation, one seems to stand out from the rest.

Angie Myers is everything you might want from a female singer, having an amazing voice with sweet, yet powerful vocal delivery, that true Rock’n Roll stage presence in every little move she makes and a connection with her audience that is, though indescribable, still remarkably unmatched.

Myers is undoubtedly the total musical package, leaving her to stand alone as the undisputed queen of Erie Rock.

Emily Foht is a veteran rocker having been with some of Erie’s top bands such as Blonde Faith, Fuze and the celebrated Key West Express, perhaps the most talent packed band within 100 miles.

With just the right touch of rasp in all the right spots and the sultry delivery and stage presence, Foht certainly hits all the right notes, making musical magic with every song she sings.

With her high-energy, power driven performances, Monica Lewis is truly the driving force behind this star-studded ensemble, which is Stiletto. Lewis tantalizes her audience with marvelous renditions of time-tested classics with all the vitality and ambition of the original artists, along with her own special twists that make every song she sings truly something spectacular.

With the mix of Lewis, Foht and Myers along with the added flavor of String Theory, Stiletto certainly demands the respect of not only their fans, but of the entire Erie musical community. Much like the song that they cover, “We Got the Beat” these gals definitely do, and everything else as well.

For more information on Stiletto, please visit their Facebook Page.