Let There Be Rock

By Jenna Croyle


For music, the 80’s was the decade for new styles, new sounds and blending those styles and sounds into synth pop, new wave, Glam Metal and hair metal.

Today, there are many fantastic and talented cover bands in and around Erie, playing the music made popular in the roaring 80’s. Though their styles and inspirations may differ, their passions and energies all resonate that same electricity that the music deserves.

In that same style, and for more than a decade this week’s featured band, Jack the Dog has been rocking stages and entertaining thousands of fans with their covers of timeless hits that gave birth to numerous musical genres, while forcing us to redefine what Rock was and most importantly, what it could be.

With an invigorated and cross-generational line-up that keeps the music fresh and infused, Jack the Dog consistently delivers the best of Rock with the flair and panache of true rockers.

As a talent rich five-piece band, Jack the Dog is made up of Rob Williams on Vocals, Jesse Spellman on Guitar and Vocals, Rob Vance on Guitar and Vocals, Karl Lindboom on Bass Guitar, with Vince Gorski on Drums.

Offering a sundry of music with every set list, Jack the Dog covers the music of AC/DC, Black Crows, Aerosmith, Bad Company, Billy Idol, Molly Hatchet, Kid Rock, Cheap Trick, Bob Segar, Van Halen, Styx, and Judas Priest, along with Ozzie Osbourne, The Monkeys and John Cafferty to name only a few artists.

Unleashing energy on overdrive, Rob Williams’ belts out every song with a voice that is always strong and flexible, hitting all the right notes and dishing out excitement as though it were air. With a powerhouse voice, smoothly flowing stage presence, and the ability to grab the audience’s attention, and keep it the entire show, Williams is a supercharged dynamo of a front man.

Jesse Spellman and Rob Vance create an amazing harmony with both their vocal work and their brilliant finger picking, lighting up the stage and enthralling their audiences with every raging riff, and blazing note they play.

Karl Lindboom’s Bass beats hit like a freight train and offer a phenomenal rhythmic punch that blows you away every time. Delivering glowing performances show after show, Lindboom is truly among the best Erie has to offer.

With twirling sticks, energy that simply will not quit, and unbelievable chops, Vince Gorski offers a spectacular show all in itself. Gorski’s wicked insane drumming is mesmerizing, devastatingly rhythmic, and just way to cool for words.

Pounding out all the songs you might expect, along with so many others, and doing it with an incredibly high energy stage show and gleaming talent, Jack the Dog brings new meaning to the hit AC/DC tune “Let There Be Rock.”

Jack the Dog is by far one of Erie’s best, most intense and captivating bands playing out today, and are must see performers.

For more information on Jack the Dog and their show dates, please visit their Facebook Page.