Let’s Get Lucky!

By Dan and Alison Tingley

The Station Dinner Theatre and Tavern is now presenting Go Bingo under the direction of Paul Uranowicz. While many of the shows at the Station are interactive, this is the interacty-est. We play bingo to help raise money for St. Patrick’s and St. Paul’s Irish-Italian Catholic Church. Or is it St. Paul’s and St. Patrick’s Italian-Irish Catholic Chuch? It depends on whom you ask. You see, the Irish and the Italians of this particular parish don’t always get along so well. Anyway, we play bingo and eat while the parishioners feud.

The cast includes David Durst (Father Ryan O’Malley), Carrie Smith (Carla Antonio), KC McCloskey (Colleen Kelly), Mike Nasca (Luigi Antonio), Jennifer Bussiere (Molly Callahan), and Paul Urbanowicz (Mario Antonio). They also wait the tables in character. Which reminds us, please don’t forget to tip the wait-staff.

The show is very cute and a lot of fun. It’s fast-paced with a lot of great jokes. The actors all play their parts well. Watching Durst drink his way through bingo calling is quite amusing. His jokes get worse and worse and yet, somehow, funnier and funnier. Bussiere shows her talent through the whole show especially while singing. Smith really takes the feud to heart, providing many laugh-out-loud moments as she tries to keep control of the church. With smaller roles, McCloskey, Nasca, and Urbanowicz still provide a lot of laughs. The never-seen Sister GiGi is also very funny.

Go Bingo runs through May 1. Don’t let the brevity of our review fool you. Short is good. That way your lips don’t get tired. This show is well done and really a lot of fun. For a good time call (814) 864-2022 or go on line to www.canterburyfeast.com for show times, reservations, and access to the season schedule.