Mobile Screen Cleaning Kit Battles Smart Phone Acne

Mobile Clean & Go is the first line of defense against cell phone grime that can cause acne.

DF Consumer Products, Inc., manufacturer of Mobile Clean and Go mobile screen cleaning products, announces the launch of its travel-sized cleanser and cloth as a first line in the defense against mobile device germs that can cause acne.

“With today’s mobile electronics, the World is but one touch away – and so are germs,” says DF Consumer Products’ Chief Executive Officer, Lad Ferian. Mr. Ferian continues, “On-the-go we communicate, pay bills, shop online and run our businesses with just a few taps and swipes. With each touch, we populate our phone screens with dirt, oils and germs – contaminants that are transferred to our faces each time we talk on the phone. Mobile Clean & Go is the only truly portable screen cleaning system available. With Mobile Clean & Go, oily, smudged phone screens are a thing of the past – and so are those embarrassing blemishes.”

As the cold and flu season gets underway, Mobile Clean and Go is now available in multi-packs at special pricing direct from DF Consumer Products at To learn more about the complete line of Mobile Clean and Go products and view current specials, visit

About Mobile Clean & Go
Mobile Clean & Go is a division of DF Consumer Products, Inc. based in Berea, OH U.S.A. and has innovated in surfactant and surface cleaning chemistry since 2006. Our mission is to provide consumers with the most portable, effective cleaning system for their mobile electronics. All products are proudly made in the U.S.A. For more information visit our website at, Facebook /mobilecleanandgo, or Twitter @MobileCleanNGo.

About DF Consumer Products, Inc.
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