Music: A Healing Agent

By Heather Dalrymple

Contributing Writer


All my life I have been a music lover. I love all types of music, different genres for different moods.

Even when I was a baby, my mom wrote in my baby book “She loves music, the louder the better.” I cannot live without music.

I know that God has given it to me as a way of coping with life. Music speaks to me in a way that mere words in conversation with other humans cannot. Talking with a person isn’t always the best thing to do.

I prefer to listen to my music, letting it speak volumes to me. My music turns my happiness up. It turns the bass in my voice down. It equalizes the overall tone of my demeanor. No matter what I’m going through, music is always there, with something to say that will help make a way out.

God has always been present in my life, giving me the right music at precisely the right time. Music inspires us, gives us hope, and invites us into the private thoughts of the lyricists, hence giving us insight into the human heart, mind and soul.

Music is like a fast acting drug. It’s like a free antidepressant without any negative side effects, other than getting the cops called on you if it’s played too loud. No drug has ever worked as quickly as Music. If you have a fight with your girlfriend or boyfriend, you can quickly put on “Seven things” by Miley Cyrus or “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” by The Spin Doctors or a plethora of other songs that will immediately make you feel better. No drug ever could do that. ONLY MUSIC can do that.

Music does something that transcends all other forms of therapy. I cannot put all of it into writing, but those of you who love music, as I do will understand because, the music speaks to your soul with the lyrics and beats as your soul speaks back.

How you heal is, you hear it with the ear of your soul and you see it with the eyes of your heart. Instead of feeling down, being depressed, how about “getting down” on the dance floor, turn up the song in your heart, by turning up your theme song, and “getting down” to it!