New Documentary Asks the Question ‘What is Health?’

Filmmaker Robert Cochrane joins three other cyclists on a cross-country journey for the Health Awareness Tour

Gary Earl is a health and wellness expert. He spent his entire adult life in the healthcare industry, and saw a huge problem: More people are getting sick. And so many of the diseases are preventable. A crisis of epic proportions is looming.

Gary wanted to bring attention to the apathy so many Americans have about their own health. He also knew that big, mass messages weren’t working. So he took his passion straight to the people. Three like-minded men joined him on a cross-country bicycle ride called the Health Awareness Tour. Along the way, they stopped off at schools, churches and businesses to talk to people about their health. It was a grassroots, take-it-to-the-streets campaign.

One of those riders was award-winning filmmaker Robert Cochrane. “I just thought this would be the coolest thing in the world to document,” said Cochrane. “Looking back, it was kind of crazy. We all barely knew each other, and we’re going to spend 35 days riding from San Diego to Ocean City, New Jersey.”

From this footage comes the sometimes gripping and sometimes hilarious new documentary, “Share the Road”.

As the tour went on, something became obvious to Cochrane. “Everyone had a different idea as to what health is,” he said. Intertwined with the scenes of this grueling journey, are interviews with prominent professionals in their field. “I was fortunate enough to get guys like Gary Erickson (founder of Cliff Bar), Dr. David Katz (Yale Prevention Research Center), and Dr. Ron Leopold (Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Insurance Services).” Other featured interviews include Jenn Lim (CEO, Delivering Happiness), John Basso (Owner, Heart Attack Grill) and award winning comedian Don Barnhart.

“Share the Road” currently is available for rental or download via pivotshare at . For more information visit the website or email Robert Cochrane directly at