Welcome to the New ERI Jams Magazine

We would like to welcome you to the new, updated ERI Jams Arts & Entertainment Magazine. We hope that you will find it more user friendly and filled with all the great articles and local events you have come to depend on and enjoy from us.12362695781148937584eady_New_On_Stars_svg_hi

In addition to the obvious visual changes, we have also designed the magazine to be interactive with our readers and our community, along with the placement of framework for new social networking and community-based interface.

Though all of these features are not yet installed and available for our readers, over the next several months we will be updating our site with new textures and tones of technology that will enhance and better the overall experience of you the ERI Jams Reader.

We have updated our magazine to be more accessible to you in this fast changing world of technology, yet keeping it simple so the magazine is easier to navigate.

With the new magazine comes many new features, one that you will immediately notice will include a new way you receive our magazine. Instead of a weekly email each Thursday, you will receive in real time Arts & Entertainment updates via your email. Essentially, when we know it, you will be reading it. To begin your enrollment in our new magazine delivery process you will receive an email within the next 72 hours, simply click the subscribe link in the email to verify your email address and confirm your subscription.

Other new immediate features will include printable pdf copies of any article you wish to print, social media sharing capabilities of each article to share with your friends and family, along with stories, news and updates sent right to you in an email so you can read them right from your computer, smart phone, iPad and other similar devices at your convenience.

We have also put into place a feature that will allow you the ERI Jams Reader the ability to share your thoughts and opinions on our articles with other readers by leaving public comments if you so choose.

We would like to thank all of our readers for their input and comments. It is because of you the ERI Jams Reader, that we have designed the site to be easier to navigate, easier to read, easier to use, and hopefully easier to look at.  Remember, keep an eye open for all the new updates, changes and amazing new features that will soon make ERI Jams the most unique and user friendly Arts & Entertainment Website the City of Erie has ever seen.

Thank you again, and we hope that you enjoy Your New ERI Jams Magazine.

Please let us know what you think of the new magazine.