Ode to Fran the Art Man

By Julie Caldwell

This Friday August 2nd, at 7pm at PACA, more than fifty local Artists, musicians, Poets, and members of our local community will gather for a very special evening of Art, Poetry and music to celebrate not only his great works, but the man himself, Mr. Fran Schanz.

Located at 1505 State St., PACA was established just over a year ago by Mark Tanenbaum as much more than just another local playhouse, and has since fulfilled Tanenbaum’s vision and has become our City’s Mecca for Theatre, Music, the Spoken Word, Art, and everything Avant-garde and cultural.

There are many phenomenal artists in the world, but there are few whom those artists look up to with great honor and respect, for Erie, Fran Schanz is the one.

In addition to the extensive and continuing laundry list of Schanz’s accomplishments throughout a lifetime of dedication to the true spirit of “Art,” Schanz has won numerous awards in regional exhibitions, and has earned his place as Executive Director of the Northwestern Pennsylvania Artist Association.

As not only an Artist, a teacher, a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, a supporter of everything artistic in our scene, and most importantly, as a good man and a great friend to everybody he knows, Schanz  has impacted the lives of all those he has met in ways that words cannot describe.

As an artist, his works are legendary, as an instructor of Art, those he has inspired are countless, and as a member of this community, his contributions are invaluable to not only the Art community, but to each life he has touched.

The event will include works of Art by local artists such as Brian Pardini, Katie Nash, Shirley Schanz, and of course numerous pieces Fran Schanz himself, created over the decades, along with many others.

As a leading artistic figure of our area, Schanz is not only an accomplished Artist, but also an advisor, and a guide, mentoring a multitude of youths over the years, many of whom have submitted works to this event, along with artists who were inspired or influenced by Fran.

The event will also feature Poetry reading by Tracie Morell, along with music by Stephen Trohoske and friends, food, and an open Beer and Wine bar.

PACA is the place to be this Friday night, treat yourself to the art, the music, and the food. And the fun summer evening to spend well with good company.

This Friday be sure to attend the Ode to Fran the Art Man event and celebrate the man, the art, and the impact Fran Schanz has made on our arts community. The entire evening is a free event with no cover or admission charge.

For more information on the Ode to Fran the Art Man event, please visit the Facebook Event Page.


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