Raw Passion, Pure Music

By Jenna Croyle

Through the ages, Christian music has been written to express praise and worship, along with a personal belief in a way of life and most importantly in a faith that words can only begin to describe.

Contemporary Christian music is as diverse as the artists who perform it, and there are Christian songs that are sung to the rhythm of Salsa, Reggae, Rock, Folk, Hip-Hop, Rap, Ballads, and Pop styles.

Like any musical group or act, many Christian musical artists perform in concert halls, bars and clubs, or outdoor venues, as well as in Churches. Sometimes their performances may be for pure entertainment, or for the intention of witnessing, while other times as part of worship, but always as a strong commitment to their faith.

This week’s featured band, Stillbright not only shares their heartfelt and passionate faith with their audiences, but they do it through the most moving and honest music that I have heard.

Stillbright is made up of Brad Perrine on Drums, Sam Krahe on Guitar, and Dave Perkins as the group’s Front Man Guitarist and Lead Singer.

With original songs like “We Are Redeemed’ and “Hope Has Come”, Stillbright captivates their audiences while offering a transcending message through the magic of music that offers hope to the masses.

Stillbright does not only deliver their significant message through the power of music, but they do it with keen and gleaming musicianship that offers that full and rich big band sound as well.

Brad Perrine brings amazing drumming with very melodic and rhythmic beats to the stage every show that simply drips with talent and enthusiasm while making it all look so effortless.

The Guitar work of Sam Krahe is without doubt top notch, delivering a very genuine and gifted performance every time, while always musically enchanting.

Dave Perkins is unquestionably the perfect Front Man for this group, making a special and unique connection with each of his audience members as though he were singing to each one of them individually.

With a strong and adoring voice, wonderfully expressive and momentous lyrical delivery, along with captivating and charming stage presence, Perkins dazzles his fans while filling all who listen with an embodiment of a new optimism.

Though imaginative, artistic, powerful and passionate are all appropriate words to describe Stillbright, no description would be more complete than to say that this band, and its members are true of heart, true of conviction, and most importantly, true of faith.

Stillbright is without any uncertainty perhaps the most talented, energetic, and delightful band playing out in our city today. Whether you love any style or variation of Christian or Gospel music, Stillbright is a must see band with a message of deeper understanding to share with us all.

For more information on Stillbright, their show dates, booking and contact information, please visit their Facebook page.