Slick Style Music

By Jenna Croyle

With much passion for music and superstar stage presence, you cannot help but to keep coming back for more, show after amazing show. This week’s Featured band is hard driving 60 Inch Slick.

This Alternative Country and Rock band has a vast musical repertoire that includes traditional country covers of Dwight Yoakum and Willie Nelson along with Alternative Country such as Keith Urban, Dierks Bentley and Pat Green.

60 Inch Slick offers their fans an array of classic Rock and Roll including the music of Journey, Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin; Southern Rock such as Alabama, Grand Funk Railroad and ZZ Top along while adding covers of some of the more recent artists such as Maroon 5, Nickelback, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Unlike many cover bands that you see playing out around town, this very versatile band does not just cover the music of other artists, but with a style all their own, they make each song a 60 Inch Slick original.

Lead by guitarist and singer Ralph Chamberlain, these seasoned and professional musicians create a band that is not just the run of the mill cover band. With an ever-growing collection of original tunes that they perform, making sure that each and every note and beat is perfectly played, each show is truly an amazing musical experience of a Country band that is a Rock and Roll great time, for attendees of their shows.

The true test of a great cover band is not just being able to step on stage and play the songs that others who came before them had made great. The benchmark is to be able to engulf your audience with the soul of the music allowing every listener to feel the rhythms rattling their bones and taking over their hearts through nothing more than the pure energy exuded from the stage. With the sound, intensity and showmanship, along with the sheer power flowing off the stage, 60 Inch Slick is certainly such a band.

60 Inch Slick is comprised of Ralph Chamberlain, Danny Rich, Ricky Lee, Danny Buseck and Jerry Chamberlain.

The next time you are out and about, looking to hear some great music and to have a fantastic night, I strongly recommend checking out 60 Inch Slick as they pound the sounds and break the beats, giving you a night to remember.

For show dates please check out their Facebook Page.