Songs & Sonnets By Jim Morrison

Presented By Blackbox Theatre Company 

Songs & Sonnets By Jim Morrison is an original stage play/musical that celebrates not only the music of the Doors but the poetry and passion that powered their music, along with a jubilee of the times that helped to shape our today.

Songs & Sonnets By Jim Morrison features much of the popular Doors music along with many of the most unique and intense poems as created by Jim Morrison.

As many people may be unaware, Jim Morrison was a musician third, a poet second and a man of many diverse passions and emotions first.

Songs & Sonnets By Jim Morrison offers an inside look through a kaleidoscope of sensations, revealing the Man, the Music, and the Fuel that lit the Fire of the Doors.

The entire 3-week run of the show will feature after parties with many of the best local musicians and your favorite bands, along with film and other artistic presentations to be announced soon.

Songs & Sonnets By Jim Morrison will run every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8:00 pm with doors opening at 7:30 pm, from September 12 – September 28, 2013

The entire month long cornucopia of theatre, music, art, poetry and film will not only expand your mind and enrich your senses but will also keep your toes tapping, your fingers snapping, and offer a rock n’ roll experience at full throttle warp speed to the ends of the universe.

Please join us for an experience to be remembered.