Soul Singing

By Jenna Croyle

With a vintage Stones-style, in 1989 the Black Crows hit the scene echoing Classic Rock at its best, and the band’s nostalgic sound helped foster a long, popular, and multi-platinum career.

With the same style and, energy, and their own unique flair, this week’s featured band, Sunday Sound burst onto the Erie scene in 2012.  Sunday Sound simply energizes their audiences with the music of the Black Crows, while the talent of each individual band member shines gleamingly through, and their energy captivates all who attend a Sunday Sound show.

As a cast of very polished and mesmerizing musicians, Sunday Sound is made up of Eric Brewer and Jimmy Holmes on Guitar, Jason Shaner on Bass Guitar, Charlie Meyer on Keyboard, Steve Powell on Drums, with Halle Moon on Female Vocals along with Rick “ChaChi” Krouse on Lead Male Vocals.

With a national band sound and a small city attitude, Sunday Sound drives the music home and knocks you out with dazzling, supercharged and musically proficient covers of the Black Crows such as “High Head Blues”, “Sting me”, “Cypress Tree”, “Wiser Time”, “My Morning Song”, “No Speak No Slave”, and of course, “Hard to Handle” along with so many more of your favorite Black Crows tunes.

Eric Brewer and Jimmy Holmes on Guitar blend amazingly well, as Brewer’s gifted fingers and Holmes’ devastating talent and rhythms create a combination that is just mind blowing and truly a treat for the ears.

Jason Shaner’s Bass beats offer an overall sound that gets you excited about that low output groove, while his innovative style and solid classic fingerpicking all balance perfectly for a truly incredible performance.

Charlie Meyer sets the keys on fire with talent soaked, charming, and high-energy presentations, gliding effortlessly through every song with brilliant and passionate playing.

Simply stunning and mesmerizing, Meyer offers not to be missed keyboard work that rivals any in town.

The chops of Steve Powell are absolutely fantastic, delivering beats that are sometimes funky, but always melodic and dynamic.  Powell maintains high-energy and astounding stamina throughout his performance, never letting the energy levels drop and maintaining that true stick master style every show.

Halle Moon provides Sunday Sound with beautiful harmonies with a rich and vivacious voice that presents a unique and enchanting sound that is ear candy at its best.

Perfect for the overall sound of this band, Rick “ChaChi” Krouse offers high throttle and riveting performances, delivering each song with a magnetic stage presence and a smooth, versatile, and powerful voice that is overflowing with talent.

As perhaps the perfect Black Crows tribute band, Sunday Sound cranks out not only killer covers of the music, but does it with a great Rock N’ Roll style and musical precision that would make the Black Crows proud.

For more information on Sunday Sound, their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook page.





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  • March 8, 2013 at 9:24 am

    I love it!! Erie always needs something new and fresh, I saw Sunday Sound when they did their first gig and MAN! You could tell they were polished, and what a group of musicians. I have to say I am a fan of Black Crows, and think they would be impressed w/ singer Rick Krouse as well. Sue McGraw

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