This Weekend’s Hot Spot

The I-90s at Sherlock’s

By Terry Pentelli

This Friday night, October 18th at 10pm, Sherlock’s sets the stage and rocks the house with Erie’s most popular 90s Rock band, the I-90s.

Located at 508 State Street, Sherlock’s has spent more than twenty years making their bones on impressive shows like the one this Saturday. Sherlock’s has earned the reputation with not only their customers of being the place for good times and that hard rocking, crazy party vibe, but with bands alike, from all over Erie and the region, for being the place to play.

With can’t be beat bartenders and bomb ass servers, along with a top of the line sound and light show that when combined with the most electrifying music pouring off the stage of all genres, styles and sounds, Sherlock’s gets its crazy bash on every weekend.

With a reputation for hellacious madness on and off the stage, Sherlock’s brings the noise with popping fresh bands and is always ahead of the game and a beat apart from the other bars in town.

This Friday’s show kicks off the weekend right with the hard-hitting and wicked fresh sounds of the I-90s, blowing the roof off the joint and bringing down the house.

Formed in 2012, the I-90s is made up of many local musical legends such as Bobby Makynen on Lead Guitar and Vocals, Brandon D. Nouzelle Catrow on Guitar, David Sabatine on Bass Guitar, Derek Tomporowski on Drums, and the infamous Tito on Lead Vocals.

If you love to rock out to fist pumping 90s Grunge gold by artists like Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Green Day, Spin Doctors, and Alice in Chains along with many more, the I-90s is absolutely the band for you.

As one of Erie’s most popular cover bands, the I-90s really knows how to crank the party up with smokin’ covers of incredible hits and a fiery edge and high throttle shows that blaze through each and every song on their set list.

With a super sizzling band that will break you down and turn you out with mind-warping music and balls to the walls attitude, the I-90s churn out a pulse pounding, insane frenzy of good times and a party like a Rockstar show experience every time.

The I-90s gives that supercharged old school energy at every show, with that never stop the rock vibe, and outrageous brute force power vocals with off the hook musicianship, and an in your face style that guarantees a can’t miss experience, and the best time you probably won’t ever remember.

This Friday take a trip back to when bands like Nirvana and Alice in Chains rocked the airwaves and ruled the charts, for a grand show with the wildest Rock’n party band at the most scorchin’ hot show this weekend.

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