This Weekend’s Hot Spot

Key West Express & Lucky Dog at Docksider

By Terry Pentelli

This Friday, November 16th at 7pm Docksider Tavern heats up your Friday night with the tropical tunes of Erie’s best and only true Jimmy Buffett tribute band, Key West Express, and one of the most power packed and hard-hitting bands in town, Lucky Dog bringing their incredible high-energy show to the Slider stage.

For more than three decades now, the Docksider Tavern has been Erie’s beacon for the best bands around, the best music in town, and a pile driver of a goodtime every weekend.

Every weekend starting at 10pm Docksider has the hottest DJ’s in town with killer drink specials, and the sweetest vibe around, rockin’ the town with a body thumping sound system, and a fresh and high throttle energy feel.

This Friday’s blowout jumps starts your happy hour with two of Erie’s mega powerhouse bands that show no mercy in a no holds barred frenzy of music mania that will shake the walls and rattle the roof.

Made up of Mark Berry and Scott Campbell both on Guitar and Vocals, Dave Sabatine on Bass Guitar, Ron Sutton on Drums, along with Andy Pietchoka on Percussion, Jack Belczyk on Keyboard and Kaytie Stadler on Vocals, Key West Express offers note for note perfect covers of your favorite Buffett hits, along with bitchn’ energy pumping off the stage from start to finish.

Cranking out sizzling covers all the great Jimmy Buffett hits you love to sing along with, Key West Express never ending set list includes Bama Breeze, Boat Drinks, Come Monday, Love & Luck, Volcano, Weather is Here, and of course Margaretville, along with so many others.

Rounding the night out, and bringing the Rock and the noise, Lucky Dog hits you hard with a wicked set list of the best songs of the 80’s, and 90’s, along with the energy of a raging volcano waiting to erupt.

Blazing a trail of scorching hot covers by artists like Sugarland, Lady Gaga, Foo Fighters, Michael Jackson, Carrie Underwood, and Styx, Journey, Pat Benatar, and Cee Lo Green, along with too many more to mention, Lucky Dog is party on overdrive.

Pumped full of mad talent, Lucky Dog is made up of Ron Sutton on Vocals and Drums, Jack Belczyk on Vocals and Keyboard, Dave Sabatine on Bass Guitar, Scott Campbell on Vocals and Guitar, along with Kayti Stadler on Lead Female Vocals and Mark Beery on Lead Male Vocals and Guitar.

This Friday night, jumpstart the weekend right, get your crazy on, and party like a demon with the hottest blow out happy hour bash in town, and two bands that party hard, and play harder.

Docksider Tavern this Friday night, the best balls to the walls, Rock’n show of the weekend with the two most bitchn’ bands in town, don’t miss it.

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